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Archive for November, 2005

How To Prepare Yourself to Online Marketing, and Get Retire in 10 Steps

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

If you are familiar with the computer and the internet you may reach your dream working as online marketing, this is where you can get unlimited income by only working from home. And if you committed enough with your work, get retire rich and quick is only a step ahead.
To get ready follow the following ten tips:

1. Buy an up-to-date computer with a 56k modem or more and Internet capability.
2. Get the domain name with indicated your business or product, and hire professional web design, to build your website, or if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on web site builder you can get free at or
3. Educate yourself about email, the Internet, and your own computer program. Take a community college or adult school computer and Internet program at low cost or free. You’ll notice many others like yourself there, eager to learn. More advanced students will help you each step of the way. Or for the first step you may read this e – book, and the Good news is IT”S FREE at
4. Spend your time to find your competitor site, and learn about them, so you may get the prospective about your business and your competitor. Or you subscribe free newsletter and business tips at
5. Be willing to do more than you should, it’s very important if you want to win on competition.
6. Offer more than just one product to your potential buyers. Part of the plan is to allow automatic, ongoing sells for your lifetime, either on your Web site or other seller sites. If you plan to write a book, write a short one first. Then, expand as you can.
Incorporate a plan and action steps to sell other products that relate to your product.
7. Include your five-to-eight line signature at the end of every email you send with a benefit or special book you want to sell. Include your name, email address, Web site address and phone number.
8. Market your service, book, or products through writing short articles to submit to opt-in ezines. Use a search engine to find Web site ezines in your category or genre or send directly to the ezines. Your article must be compelling, concise and useful, so take care and edit it until it shines. Most editors and publishers want articles from 500-800 words.
These people want and need your free information for their ezines web sites. They publish with your Signature Box at the bottom.
9. Submit your articles to top Web sites to multiply sales. To market your service business or books, boost your Web site popularity to the Top Ten through the search engines by submitting how-to articles to sites with your category. Top site ezines get from 15,000 to 500,000 readers daily. These sites need your daily content, and they will pay you handsomely by including your key words that help your search engine position. Your Internet marketing coach is #3 now on Google and 35 others. When you submit your articles, the site also includes your URL in a hyperlink straight to your Web site or where ever you sell your products or service. In no time, you can be listed on 900+ other sites with a link back to yours.
10. “NEVER GIVE UP!!!” I know that everything hard at the beginning, but if you committed enough with your business be sure that you’ll be success and retire rich and quick are not a dream
Be willing to do what it takes, such as check the link, to get Online savvy because this wonderful marketing machine is there for you and your business success.

Odilia Paula
Founder of
Email: [email protected]
Ordinary people are making EXTRAORDINARY
money WORKING FROM HOME on the Internet!
Get FREE info by email. Send your request to:
mailto:[email protected]

How to rank high in search engines

Tuesday, November 29th, 2005

This question is always asked by webmasters

Everyone may know that the most targeted traffic is from search engines. But does everyone know how to get top positions for FREE ?
SEO services are expensive and they often do not guarantee their promises. Offsite optimization, relevant links from other sites is the key to SEO success.

Reciprocal link exchanges have value in helping page popularity scores with the search engines. However, unless webmaster gets lucky and some of his link exchange partners turn into high powered sites, exchanging link advertisements will only take your site so far. One-way links to the site from authority websites is the name of the game to put site over the top.

Some people probably tried automatic link exchange networks. And they promised webmaster will have a lot of links. Yes, it is the true. But any “link network scheme” that leaves “footprints” put the site at risk of being banned. If link is placed on “links” pages or on page that has the name of script in its name it shows search engines will not rank that site high.

But if link is placed on the page relevant to the keyword webmaster wish to get good rankings in search engines on the position of the page will raise. There are two ways to get this effect. For example webmaster has a travel website and has page about travelling in Florida. He would like to be in top 10 by keyword “florida travel” What should he do ?

One way.

He starts searching for potential partners with relevant sites all over the internet, artificial non-effective link exchange networks, reciprocal links or he buys links. What does he get ? He gets no or little increase of his site’s position or his position increased but he spent a lot of money.

Another way

Webmaster searches LinkWizardlink exchange database and find pages about Florida. Then sends another webmaster request to exchange links on relevant content pages. Anothert webmaster agrees because he also interested in relevant links. What next? Link is on relevant page of partner’s site. What does webmaster get? His position raise by keyword “florida travel” and he is happy.

Here are benefits webmaster will receive from LinkWizard automatic link exchange service:

1. LinkWizard will save webmaster money by helping webmasters communicate directly about links on each other’s site and content pages. By using database, webmaster can be assured that he is getting the best value for his site because he gets links from pages that are on the same topic as his site.

2. He will find large portals with many pages in our database. Each page has specific topic. Webmaster can select page that exactly matches his site topic. Links from such pages are the only links that search engines LOVE.

3. Webmaster can choose link text for each specific content page. He may choose keyword that he would like to be listed in search engine as link text on and place it on the content page which is optimized by this keyword. Raising of he position by this keyword is guaranteed.

4. This service is FREE. Webmaster do not need to buy links from webmasters, text link auctions, text link brokers.

5. Everything is done automatically. He do not need to e-mail webmasters, ask them on which pages you would like to place your link on and wait for their answer for weeks.

6. There is no one “footprint” to search engines. Other link exchange networks leave a lot of “footprints” .For example sites can use the same visible script, links can be placed on “links” page. If search engines find “footprint” of link exchange network they will not rank high your website. With LinkWizard webmaster have none of this. All links are placed only in mid-paragraph of relevant content pages. This way of linking without any visible “footprints” has fantastic effect for search engines!

How To Spot A Bad Purchase Before You Buy

Monday, November 28th, 2005

Why is that, you might ask?

Simple, there are many merchants online selling crappy ebooks and software programs, because ebook Internet marketing is big business, once you figure out that 70 percent of the users don’t request a refund.

You can set-up a clickbank account and be in business within an hour, but clickbank has the best refund policy for protecting their buyers.

Well, this article will open the eyes of any newcomer and show you in exactly seven easy steps: “How to spot a bad purchase before you buy.”

1) Check Copyright Notice In The Footer Of That Website.
The first thing you should always do when deciding if you want to buy a certain product is to look at the copyright notice in the footer of the page.

If a program is 3 years old online, it is outdated, please walk away from such a purchase, the material your buying is based on old technology that might not be working today.

2) Check Traffic Statistics Of That Site.
This is the worse I have ever seen, you browse over to this SEO site, selling a search engine optimization ebook.
The wording on the site is extremely good, it makes you want to get a number one ranking online, but, please get real.

Hold on to your card, let’s see how much visitors such a site is really getting on a daily basis.

Browse over to and insert the URL of that site, click on view traffic details, and check alexa ranking for this site.

If this site isn’t averaging at least 100 visitors per day, then how can they help you optimize your site, while they can’t even optimize their own site for higher rankings.

3) Send A Simple Email For Checking The Response Time.
I always like to send an email to the webmaster or owner of that site. In that email I simply ask: What is the number one benefit your product will assist me with if I make this purchase?

That question is only to get a response, and see how long it takes for an answer. The response time is an indication as to the quality of service I can expect from this company.

If the response isn’t within a day or two, I simply go looking elsewhere. There are tons of the same products online, go searching for a better choice.

4) Go To The Forums And Ask About That Product.
The forums are a goldmine online, they have many talented and experienced marketers that visit them often. So, if you need to know about a certain product just post a question pertaining to your purchase and you can be guaranteed an answer.

You can also do inquiries about the author or creator of any product. Now the advice in some forums can differ, because some forums are not trustworthy. For advice you can trust visit,, they haven’t let me down so far.

5) Do A Search On Yahoo or Google For A Product Review.
If in doubt, do a search online for a review of that product.
There are many marketers online who will give an honest review of any product they have used.

Product reviews has one flaw, most reviews are posted by affiliates of that product, meaning that they make a commission if you purchase. Some of the reviewers has never seen or heard of that product, but they write a review based on the site content and the commission they get if you do buy.

So, as a bench mark I check the amount of websites that is reviewing that product, the more results the safer I feel with my purchase.

6) The Quality And Content Of The Site.
I seldom purchase from any site that doesn’t have quality graphics and content that flows as you read. It has to capture my attention and keep me reading. Now, I must admit, if it is someone I know who produces quality products online, I don’t look for graphics or anything else.

7) If The Above Didn’t Help, Then Just Go By The Old Saying:
“If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.”
Use your own judgement and read the content and make sure there is a money back Guarantee, and use it if your not satisfied with your purchase.

I have also had many problems getting back refunds, so I now judge any purchase I make based on those seven points and I have not had to request any refunds.

It is your hard earned money, be wise and make sound choices before you go and purchase any products online.

How To Stand A Chance In The Search Engine Optimization Maze

Sunday, November 27th, 2005

Search engine optimization is a method of analyzing your site and modifying it to allow search engines to read and index it. Search engine optimization is about building and maintaining a website that will get ranked highly on the major search engines. SEO comprises of a set of techniques used in order to attract visitors or prospective customers to your website, and the aim of a search engine is to provide high quality, relevant content to the users of the Internet. Search engines are now more particular on what they list in their databases and a content relevant site is the requirement if you are to stand any chance of getting ranked successfully.

It’s a fact that when surfers conduct a search and the results appear, that they do not generally look further than the first twenty results that are displayed and to make you really miserable, it is widely accepted that the first 10 results is the target to aim for if you want to get customers to your website. You see, people are generally lazy and they will not deliberately look for you; you have to seek them out. So the bottom line is you need to get a top ten position or at the very least be in the top twenty out of potentially thousands of websites that are all trying to achieve the same as you.

It is important therefore, that if you intend to use search engine optimization as one of your arsenal of tools, that you encourage the search engine spiders to not only find your website but also to index it as well and you can do this through the keywords that you use on your website. You need to encourage the search engines to rank your website in that all important high position and for this you need good page content containing your chosen keywords. If you use keywords in your Meta Tags for instance, that do not appear in your page content, then your site could be penalised.

Bear in mind also, that you want the search engine spiders to keep coming back looking for something different on your site to give them a reason to continue to list it. So, ongoing maintenance is important. You simply cannot just submit your website and think that the job’s done.

So, having established what is required, how do you go about search engine optimization easily? You will find many websites that provide free SEO tools, or you can pay a professional to take care of it for you. But bear in mind that "professional" also means professional pricing. Also, remember that FREE normally comes with a price tag anyway and you will have to visit numerous sites to use the various SEO tools available and these will be limited in their functionality.

A quality SEO tool that can perform all of the functions required for website optimization will become your time saver when it comes to SEO, especially when you’re just starting out and the intricacies of optimizing your website becomes a chore.

So consider an SEO tool that can at least analyze websites of your top-ranking competitors so that you can emulate them by making the relevant changes to your own website. In addition, you will need a keyword generator and a keyword density analyzer tool and search engine and directory submission functions that will allow you to make automatic and semi automatic submissions. Extra functions could include link popularity and pay per click management.

In conclusion, to obtain high search engine rankings, you must optimize your web pages before submitting them to the search engines as it is pointless to submit an un-optimized site. You can do this by visiting numerous sites to use free tools with limited functionality or use an award winning software program that will do it all or you. For further in depth information on search engine optimization software please visit

Ian Simpson reviews software and informational products on the internet for their value and usefulness. Subscribe to his free tips newsletter at

How to succeed as an Affiliate on the Net

Saturday, November 26th, 2005

You may know an affiliate by another name, for example: agent, reseller, associate, communicator.

Once the affiliate has managed to get the customer to make an order his job ends. The whole process of handling the order, the collection of payment, the shipping of goods, is done by the company (or distributor).

Who benefits ?

This is a tremendous arrangement for both sides.

The distributor simply waits for orders to arrive and has no involvement in the marketing phase. The affiliate simply gets a customer, for example, to visit a web site and takes no further part.

Commission is paid to the affiliate on the value of orders made.

It is the power of the Internet with the possibility of cheap or free advertising for a vast audience which makes reselling such an outstanding business opportunity.

And if you have your own website, where you have the luxury of posting your own ads for free, then you have an effortless income-producing system.

Two things which make reselling even more exciting

If the product can earn you residual income, for example a monthly commission all the while that the customer continues to renew it.
If you can recruit your own affiliates and collect commission either for each affiliate or for the products that they sell
What should you look out for ?

Here are some rules for checking out affiliate opportunities:

#1 The company

First, there would be no point in generating massive commission on ‘paper’ only to find that the company are unreliable, don’t pay up on time, or eventually fold.

Test out the company first.

Make an inquiry as if you were a potential customer. Study the quality of their reply and of their literature or website.

How quickly do they respond ? If their customer service is poor this does not give much hope for the way they will handle their affiliates.

Are they an ethical company, what guarantees do they provide for refunds ?

#2 The product

Is the product an item which is in good demand ?

What is the rate of commission ?

These two factors will determine your potential earnings.

As a guide commission should range from 25 to 50%.

#3 Assistance with promotion

Does the company provide advertising material for their affiliates ?

In particular do they provide a personalised web site ?

#4 The cost

What is the cost of becoming an affiliate ?

This can vary from completely free paying an initial one off payment paying a monthly subscription
You don’t have to be deterred by affiliate opportunities where payment is involved. These may offer greater benefits such as advanced promotion techniques and commission which will quickly outweigh the payments.

For example $30 per month may seem a high figure but if you regard it as one dollar a day to have the company’s products displayed 24 hours a day to the whole world on your own personalised web site it could be viewed as the bargain of the century.

Can anyone become an affiliate ?

Affiliate opportunities are ideal for both experienced online marketeers and for newcomers to the Internet. Here’s why:

#1 Experienced online marketeers

If you have an established web site the minimum that you need to do is post an ad on your own site.

And there’s no need to stop at one product.

Providing that you don’t overload your web site with ads you could have many - and you can monitor how they perform so that you can judge which ones to give prominence to.

#2 Newcomers

One of the first and most important skills you will need to use for any online business is how to place adverts.

Here are some of the things that you start to learn when you submit ads:

The various locations where you can place an ad such as newsgroups, forums, ezines, web sites: and the different rules and methods used for each one such as frequency of posting and size of ads.
How to post information to a mailing list or newsgroup for free but using a signature file to promote your products.
How to code your adverts so that you can identify where the response originates.
How to organise your mail files to handle responses.
How to simplify your own systems so that you have standard replies to common questions.
How to set up autoresponders if necessary to take away the chore of responding manually.
How to deal with the unexpected (for example, even though you may clearly spell out in your ad that a reply should be made to an autoresponder many people will still reply directly to you).
By taking on an affiliate operation you have an ideal opportunity to practise these methods. This will provide the experience for whatever online venture you plan as well as an excellent source of additional income.

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And there’s more great articles, ideas and tips at the SuperTips website

Become a Successful Affiliate.

How to Turn Freebies in to Sales

Friday, November 25th, 2005

It’s important that you have a high enough profit margin so you can afford to give them away. Some freebies can be created without a lot of expense; like electronic information products. With these type of freebies there’s no shipping or physical material costs.

Below are some popular types of freebies. In the examples are some other benefits and a tips for offering freebies to your buyers.


Offer potential customers a free coupon or gift certificate for a back end product or service you’re selling. This will increase your chances for repeat purchases.


Offer a free booklet or e-book related to your main product or service. Inform potential customers that it is a l.imited time offer and it will only be available before a specific date.


Offer a free membership into your members only web site. Tell them what it normally costs for people who don’t purchase.


Offer a free audio cassette or video to people who buy. Let them know this audio cassette or video can’t be found anywhere else, only through this special o.ffer.


Offer a free e-mail course on a topic related to your product or service. Add your back end product ads to each e-mail course lesson.


Offer a free chat room seminar or consulting to give away as a freebie. You will become know as an expert on the topic by electing to do the seminar or consulting yourself.


Offer a free gift if they buy your product or service. Giving the value of the f.ree give will attract them to purchase your main product or service.

HOW to use Guerilla Warfare on Spammers

Thursday, November 24th, 2005

If I had a time machine, I would travel into the past and warn myself about SPAM (Right after I played the winning numbers for today’s lottery).

Come step into my time machine, and take a journey with me into the past. Let me show you how I conquered spam, and how you can follow in my footsteps.

When I was younger, my best friend had a basement stocked full of spam. His family couldn’t seem to get enough of it.

The moment I walked into his house, the aroma of spam filled the air.

When I was the ripe old age of twelve, I made the mistake of my life…I tried a spam sandwich. My friend convinced me that it was “really good, dude.”

In my defense, I was starving and there was nothing else to eat. That thirty second experience still continues to haunt me.

This wouldn’t be my first nightmarish encounter with spam, however.

Ten years later, while building my very first Website, I naively put my email address on every single page of my site.

I wanted to give my visitors a chance to ask me questions, make comments on my site, etc.

As my Website grew more and more popular, I started to receive 100 spam emails a day. Then 500, 1000, 2000…until it became unbearable.

I needed a solution and fast.

The first thing I had to accept was that my old email address was now useless. So I had to give it a proper burial and let it go. Then I created a new email address and applied spam prevention techniques I had diligently researched.

The result? A spam free email account.

Let me tell you, it is total bliss my friend.

You are in a war. You vs. the enemy (Spammers). The war has swung to the other side, but by using guerilla warfare tactics, you can turn the tide of battle.

To win the ever growing battle against spammers, you have to study your enemy, then prepare your battle plan.

This may be the most important sentence you ever read about spam prevention, so pay attention - Spammers cannot fill your inbox with their junk if they can’t find your email.

It really is that simple.

With that in mind, below you will find your battle plan:

Step 1: Say good-bye to your old email account

If your inbox is filled with spam, dump it. I know using a new email address can be painful, but in the end you will be happy you took this advice.

Once the spammers find your email, you will never be able to regain full control of your inbox.

Step 2: Create a ‘dummy’ account at Hotmail or Yahoo!

Whenever you post on a message board, sign-up for an offer, or are asked to give out your email, use this dummy account.

Never use your main email address in such a manner, especially on a message board.

Many people try to “disguise” their emails while posting on a message board, under the false assumption a spam bot won’t grab this email.

As an example:

john @

The enemy has now programmed their spamming software to recognize these disguised emails.

Step 3: Use a contact form on your Website

This is a critical step. So listen closely.

Many savvy Webmasters use contact forms to prevent spam. However, it has to be done correctly to be effective.

If you have your email address ANYWHERE within your HTML, the new spamming software will find it.

You can’t use HTML encryption to hide your address, like you could in the past. The enemy has created new software that breaks down this code and grabs your email.

Many contact forms require you to use your email address to send the form information. BIG MISTAKE.

The spam bots will grab any email address in your HTML, even if it is in your contact form.

Your CGI script should contain the response email address - it should not be in the HTML.

When you are creating your contact form, use the “Mail-To-Form” script found here:

Step 4: Make a graphic of your email address

If you must have your actual email on your site, create a small image of your email address.

Then link this graphic to your contact form.

Now your customers can write down your actual email address and contact you at a later date.

The war rages on against spam, but by using these guerilla warfare tactics against spammers, you will soon achieve your FREEDOM!

How to Use Solo Ads To Make A Small Fortune

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005

them if they’ve tried it, most say no. The others who have, had NO idea what they were doing. Today we’re going to talk about exactly what kind of solo ads

sell and what factors are important.

Let’s start by going through the process of publishing a solo ad.

1. Choose a newsletter/ezine to publish in.
2. Write the solo ad
3. Write an effective title
4. Design the website where your visitors will go…

How to Use Your Web Site to Make Money

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2005

Your web site should not be languishing in one of the rarely visited corners of the Net. Instead, it should be working 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year getting leads and clients for your business. It should serve as marketing brochure and as your best salesperson (who incidentally never sleeps, and doesn’t require either salary or commissions).

So how do you turn your dust collector into a lean, mean sales machine? First, you need to lay down the infrastructure for your online business. Here are three guidelines your web site should adhere to before its initial debut:

- Your web site must be easy to navigate, understand and use. When a web surfer comes to a web site and doesn’t understand what the web site is about in the first few minutes, the surfer moves on to the next web site (trust me, there lots of them out there. Approximately 2.7 billion at last count, give or take a few billion).

If the purpose and intent of your web site is not blatantly obvious, a surfer will move on. If your web site is difficult to navigate, a surfer will move on. If your web site is hard to use (for example, it is not obvious how to contact you or hire you) a surfer will move on.

- Your web site must discuss what you do AND how what you do will benefit your customers. Let’s say Sue and Jane are both weight loss coaches. Sue’s web site says that Sue is a weight loss coach. Jane’s web site says that Jane is a weight loss coach who helps women look and feel better by losing 30 pounds in 3 months.

Which coach sounds more appealing? The one who not only states what she does, but also shows what is in it for the customer. The site must answer a fundamental question: Why should I hire you?

- Have a newsletter sign up box on your web site. The majority of your web site visitors will not contact you about your services after visiting your web site, but they will subscribe for a free newsletter. By subscribing, they give you permission to send them your information-packed newsletter, which will also serve as a reminder about your business.

Without a newsletter, many people will visit your web site once and promptly forget about it 10 minutes after leaving it. By having a newsletter, you are able to capture these visitors, and tell them about your business again and again.

Take action today! Take a critical look at your web site and make sure that it conforms to the guidelines outlined above. A website that follows these forms a solid foundation for having a marketable web site for your business.

How To Write A Mini-Course

Monday, November 21st, 2005

maybe you should! Mini-courses are an important part of
Internet marketing. A mini-course is a tool that enables you
to provide valuable content to your subscribers and promote
your own or affiliate products at the same time.

A mini-course is fr*ee information on a specific topic. It is
normally distributed as multiple articles in e-mail format over
a defined period of time. The mini-course also goes by the name
eCourse, fr*ee report or autoresponder course.

Before attempting to write your mini-course, identify a “niche
market” that has a unique need for information. A niche market
is a small segment of the total general market. It is a group
of individuals with a common interest that have specific wants
and needs. Individuals in a niche market may also have a
common problem that needs a solution.

Creating a mini-course is similar to creating an ebook but on a
smaller scale. You need to select a “killer” topic that is of
interest to your niche market and satisfies a want or need or
solves a problem.

There is an unlimited amount of information that can be used
in a mini-course. The key is to know what information to use.
What information do most people want? Individuals look for
informational products that satisfy their most important wants
or needs. This includes information on: how to do something,
money, time, work, health, self-improvement, entertainment,
hobbies and se*x.

How can you find your killer topic?

* Listen to your customers. Look for problems they are
experiencing when they communicate with you.
* Conduct a survey of your customers and the visitors to your
website and ask for comments.
* Join niche discussion boards and chat rooms. What items are
discussed on a repeating basis?
* Subscribe to article announcement lists in your niche and
identify the key topics being published.

Next, look for common issues or problems in the information you
have collected. Can you solve any of them? If not, locate an
expert that can help you.

Identify creative and useful solutions to the issues or
problems. Develop an outline to be used as a guide in writing
your mini-course. Perform the necessary research to obtain
the information you need for the mini-course. Present your
information in a manner that satisfies the wants and needs or
solves the common problem of your niche market.

You need to have a killer title to grab the interest of your
visitors. Select a title that compels your visitor to want to
see your report. You want your visitor to request the report,
download it, read it and purchase your product offerings.

All of your work in creating the mini-course is of no use if
nobody reads it. You want a title that reaches out and pulls
the individual into downloading your course. Instead of using
a title like “My Report on Golf ” use something like “How to
Take Strokes Off Your Golf Game.” Which title is more likely
to grab the interest of the high handicap golfer?

Once you have the attention of your audience you want to be
able to keep them. The opening paragraph must excite your
reader and make them want to know more. Use an opening
sentence that pulls them into your report like “Everything you
ever wanted to know about improving your golf game and more!”
Your opening paragraph also needs to define the main objective
that will be presented in your mini-course.

The course content is the most critical part of your mini-course.
Make certain your information is presented in an organized and
meaningful manner. Content can be presented to your readers in
many different writing formats.

Some of the most common formats include:

* How-to-do something tutorial
* List of ways or tips to accomplish a desired objective
* Interview of one or more experts regarding your topic
* Narrative discussion of the issues at hand.

Whatever format you select, it must be easy to read and
understand. Do not use difficult words or long sentences and
paragraphs. Write in a straightforward manner. Let your
personality show in your writing. People that are comfortable
with your writing are more likely to buy from you.

Be careful in promoting your own products or affiliate products
in the mini-course. The products and services promoted need
to relate to the content you are providing. Blend the product
or service promotions into your content so that it supports the
content. Find ways to weave your product or affiliate program
information into your content in a low-key manner.

Avoid outright blatant advertising except in the top sponsor,
bottom sponsor and other designated areas of your articles.
Blatant advertising in the wrong section will be a quick
turn-off. Your mini-course will be viewed as a sales letter
and probably not read. Keep your audience in focus. They are
reading your mini-course primarily for the valuable content you
promised to deliver in the beginning.

The last segment of your mini-course needs to provide a
conclusion or closing section. Pull together what you have
presented in the course and present your findings. It should
satisfy the original objective of your course or provide a
solution to the stated problem. Finalize the mini-course with
words of value to your readers. Direct your readers to utilize
the information you provided. Instill in them the desire to
get involved and follow through with your conclusions or
implement your solutions.

Organize the information into article segments of roughly 700
to 1,500 words per segment. Keep the length of the mini-course
in the range of 3 to 8 segments. Try to avoid information
overload and unnecessary padding in your articles. Determine
the distribution cycle of the articles. In general, one segment
should be delivered each day or every 2 days. Personally, I
prefer once every 2 days to avoid overloading the recipient with
too much information if they don’t check their e-mail on a daily

The best way to distribute your mini-course is by autoresponder.
Set up the autoresponder to automatically distribute your
articles according to your defined time schedule.

Use the mini-course to promote yourself, your business and your
products. It is fr*ee advertising. You can use the following
methods to promote your mini-course:

* Include in the resource box of an article you wrote
* Include in your newsletter
* Include in your signature file
* Provide as a fr*ee bonus on the purchase of your product
* Place in an advertisement
* Provide as a promotional tool for your affiliates to use.

In conclusion, your mini-course should deliver valuable content
to your audience with the side benefit of promoting your ezine
and products. Create your mini-course with a clear picture of
wants and needs of your audience. You have wasted your time
and effort if the report has little or no value to your reader.
Produce a quality mini-course and both you and your subscribers
will benefit.

Best of success in your online business activities

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