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Archive for June, 2005

The Best Way How To Improve Link Popularity

Thursday, June 30th, 2005

When I speak about off-page factors I mean not only the number of the links pointing to your website. If you want to achieve top positions in search engines you must care about relevance of your back links. Let’s say you are a web designer. In your case the most valuable links are from another web designers websites. Very valuable will be links from related industries like web hosting, search engine optimization (seo) or webmaster tools. By contrast, link from site like online casino will have minimal value for you. From this reason exchange links with relevant websites only. Internet is full of sites related to yours so why waste your time with gaining worthless back links?

When webmasters exchange links, a lot of them care too much about pagerank of partner’s website. Yes, you are right — link from PR8 site is better then link from PR0. But keep in mind that those new sites with PR0 will grow with time and their PR will grow too. It can easily happen that you exchange a link with PR0 website today and after 6 months this site gain PR5+. And now let’s answer this important question: What is easier — get link on PR0 website which will grow or on PR5+ site? From my point of view each link has big value as long as it is from relevant website.

Let’s look at another factors used by search engines to determine the value of back links. You have probably heard terms “one-way” and “reciprocal” links. One-way links are links where webmaster of site A links to site B but webmaster of site B doesn’t link back to site A. Reciprocal links are links where webmaster A links to site B and webmaster B links back to site A. There are two important facts:

1. One-way links have a little higher value for search engines. Search engines suppose that one-way links are most likely natural and predicate the quality of the linked website.

2. Reciprocal links have a little lower value from the reason mentioned above. But it is easier to get reciprocal link then one-way link (In case that your site is quality, of course. For poor websites it is always difficult to gain back links). Anyway relevant reciprocal link is always better then one-way link from unrelated website.

The last factor I will describe in this article is the age of the domain. If you get link from the 5 years old domain the link will have higher value then link from the new site. Many spammers register domains for one year, use them as link farms and when they are banned by search engines (it takes probably less then one year) then they don’t renew this domain and register a new one. On the other side, if the site is a few years old and had never used any unfair SEO tactics, search engines give this site higher importance.

So if you are trying to improve link popularity of your website, don’t forget that it is not only about pagerank. You need links from quality websites. Making your website the best in your field is the right way how to get these valuable links.

The Best Web Marketing Secrets

Wednesday, June 29th, 2005

We have magic wand to boost your sell. Your profit and sales will surely increases to your wish as you apply it. Do not worry you may be marketing in any form, i.e. may be through web, or by printed form or in personal way. Your sale will definitely upswing.

We provides you the finest tips on increases the sales, here are some of the golden tips to follow:

Remember that customer comes to you for their own requirements not for what you sell, so it is obvious that you have to sell or offer to customer what they want. People fails to do so and they market what they have products and promote it online or offline marketing.

You have to come out from this mentality; do not convince customers to buy the product that you want to sell. Or do not pursue your customers with hammering on with the product’s technical superiority. Do not think that just by improving the web site you can capture the market, it may fail instead sometime.

When customer reaches to your web site or read your prospect with a feeling that it may fulfill their own desire and expectations about the product, which they want to buy. If at this moment you shall focus your marketing strategy such a way that you really fulfill their need, and you Won!

Do not forget to ask yourself the questions like what is the first and most important concern about your prospects have? What are their other requirements? What way you can support them to solve their problems to overcome and clear their way to come to your product?

To support such types of need you have to update your promotional material either in broachers or on websites to craft to meet their need. You first go through your promotional materials and satisfy yourself with queries like;

-What is fruitful for me in this product?
-Does the abstract of promotional material specify what I want and shall I keep on reading till end?

You should be aware about the best features about the product on you web sites or in the promotional material in print. Majority cases everybody print name of Company, but sure that the name of the company itself shall highlight the product effectively. It is the prime important that company name itself give confidence to customer about the product.

If I will explain with the examples to justify the above case, by chance if you want to open an account in any bank in your hometown and if you go for search about your requirement. If you see on the street with various signboards about the Banks, which flashes their important features may be as follows;

-Bank A offers - AMERICA’S FIRST SINCE 1950

If you read both offerings which one you choose? May be Bank B, which draws your attention very first as it highlight about better result-oriented bank and offer best service by online access. And you will naturally open account with Bank B.

You shall offer plenty of reasons so people buy your product. If you want to earn more money, you will prefer to hire business coach, to be a good golfer or tennis player you naturally prefer to hire the services of good trainer. To increase the productivity in company you prefer to have better and faster computers or HDTV for better enjoyment and entertainment by viewing TV with better resolution and higher definition of picture. So to promote your product you must generate justifiable reasons that appeal to the customer so that they prefer your product.

You must learn the secret to attract all your customers, key to success is stop trying to convince your prospects to buy, and instead of you must focus on their need and requirements. You convince them that you really help them to choose the better product then selling any product. By this, customer will have confidence in you and think to buy your product or services.

The Big Adsventure, Or: My Google AdSense Adventure

Tuesday, June 28th, 2005

Let me tell you about my trial and error path trying to make some money with Google AdSense™. I’m sure you’ve seen a lot of websites on this subject already. Many of them tell you how you can make a 6 figure income with only a couple of hours work a week. They will even tell you exactly how to achieve this. Just buy their e-book and you’ll have all the tips and tricks from the pros.

I’m quite skeptical about these offers. Doing my own research on the Google AdSense™ subject, I’ve found quite a few people who paid for the e-book but are very unhappy about it. They all tell me that the information they paid for was very useful, but is also freely available. The great thing about the Internet is that you can find information on any subject for free. It’s not allways easy to find the information you are looking for, but if you know how and where to search you can find almost anything. If you are not very skilled in finding information on the ‘net maybe you should just go ahead and buy the e-book but keep in mind that the e-book will be the author’s view on the subject. Your own search will give you a better view of the big picture. Of course, finding the information will take some effort and time. To me the search for information is part of the adventure, a part that I don’t want to skip.

So lets get rich with Google AdSense™! Ok, back to reallity: do you really think you can get a 6 figure income from Google AdSense™? I’m sure some people do make a small fortune with AdSense™ but I bet it takes a lot more work then those e-book writers tell you.

I registered with Google AdSense™ back in December 2004. After one year my total earnings had reached $25. Yes I know that is about the price of the amount of beer you drink in one hour at the bar. Still this has been easy money: I don’t think it took me more than 20 minutes to sign up with Google and add the AdSense™ code to my website.

This year will be different: I will try to get some serious income from AdSense™. I’m not expecting a 6 figure income and I’m not giving up my job. My goal is to get a check from Google every month (for those of you who don’t know, Google sends out checks each month to people who have made over $100)


Monday, June 27th, 2005

- distributed denial of service attack
- packet loss

They are just some of the reasons why ClickBank has been
down recently - causing lots of unhappy posters at the

Which all means that when your customer goes to order
and finds he can’t get through then that’s a lost sale
for you.

But does it have to be ?

If only we could get to that customer before he
disappears in disappointment at not getting our
wonderful product.

Impossible, he’s left our site.

Or has he ?

Well one person does not like the word impossible and he
decided to do something about it.

And I’m already using his new program.

So now when my customer is unable to access the
ClickBank order form he is immediately and automatically
taken to a page of my own choosing at MY site.

Yes, I’ve captured him !

And what do I have on this page ?

Well, I give him 3 options. I say

1. ClickBank is currently down, you may want to retry in
a few minutes.

2. Leave your email address with me. I’ll get back to
you as soon as they are up.

3. If you want to pay by Paypal here is my account.

The creator of this program is none other than my close
colleague Adrian Ling.

It’s called CB-Switch and you can find it at

It’s very simple to install.

But here’s a twist.

I’m not using that actual program.

Because Adrian has now included the very same switching
feature in easyClickMate.

It was originally planned for a future release but he’s
added it just in the last day or two.

And now cast your mind back to my last issue - and
you’ll see the reason for this one.

You will have seen the special offer of easyClickMate
which expires on July 15. The special page at

had (and still has) no mention of the switch feature.

But is IS included.

So if you were thinking about getting easyClickMate
(which is the top selling product at my site) you can
save money by ordering before July 15.

And then save more every time ClickBank goes down.

The dangers of making your business to dependent on eBay

Sunday, June 26th, 2005

If you are currently making a living on eBay it may be wise to consider opening up other avenues of income for several good reasons.

One reason is that eBay has the right to cancel all your listings at any time at their discretion. This is not unfair in the sense that eBay has to keep an eye on infringing listings to keep the marketplace safer for all. Only thing is that if you have no other source of income and for some reason you are suspended, your money stops right there.

Another factor to consider is the rise in eBay fees. With many other platforms now offering cheaper ways of getting your product seen it is good to get involved with as many as your time allows. Look towards companies like Yahoo Auctions, Froogle, Overstock and uBid to broaden your exposure and presence online.

It is also essential to consider paying for some web-hosting to setup your own website to sell your products from. The advantages to having your own website are numerous but the main thing is that you have complete control over what you can publish and sell and obviously there are no eBay fees involved.

The grand idea should be a multi-domain business that is inter-connected and sends traffic from your eBay AboutMe page straight to your various websites. There is a wonderful technique taught by Jim Cockrum in his eBook “The Silent Sales Machine Hiding on eBay” to funnel the millions on eBay users to your own website. To learn more about this technique visit

Use eBay in the right way to make sure you do not lose out on valuable prospects and leads that could be generated from the hundreds or even thousands of visitors that visit your eBay listings but do not bid or buy. This is using eBay the smart way, as part of your business, not your only business. Consider eBay as simply one more (very good) channel of income.

The Extra Income Checks

Friday, June 24th, 2005

certain attributes to run a successful extra income program.
You must ask yourself if you are cut out for it. No GURU can
do it for you. You have to want it badly enough and then go out
and get it.

Tens of thousands of people all across the globe come to the
internet looking for a way to make extra income. It has become
necessary to issue some reality checks.

The truth of the matter is that some people are better off
getting a second job at the local convenience store to supplement
their income than start an extra income program. It doesn’t do
them any good to spend money and months on the internet trying
to earn extra income only to fail. At the end of it, they would
only be poorer for their efforts.

I don’t want you to waste your money on something you may not be
suited for. You need to look within yourself and ask yourself
if you can do it.

The reality is that the cost of living keeps going up while
companies keep cutting back on raises. The need to do something
extra and earn enough money to help pay the bills has never been
greater. It doesn’t matter if you are a woman or man.

The computer and the internet have made it possible for people
to match their skills, interests, abilities, and ingenuity
into a home business they can use to earn extra income.
This article is to show you that it’s simple and easy to join
the ranks of successful extra income earners. But make no
mistake about it, it’s not for everybody.

The history of business shows that the rewards and advantages
of starting a business are many. The beauty is that you can
start an extra income business in your garage, backyard,
basement, attic, or a room in your home. But first, you must
do some GUT CHECKS.

Your first step should be to study the attributes below and
see if you have them. You should be frank and honest when you


If you are to achieve any level of success, you must set goals.
If you expect to be successful, you must determine what that
means to you and the best way to achieve it. There are two basic
steps you can take to convert goals into achievements:

a) You can decide on a specific dollar amount; and b) You can
set a time frame for obtaining the dollar amount you want.
Your goal should be specific and indicate What, When, and Where.
After making a list of every possible way you may accomplish a
goal, select the method for your situation.


a) “Can my family do without the money I need to start
an extra income program?” In the world of the internet, this
amount is very small. In fact, there are programs, like the program, which come
loaded with all you need to start for free.

All you have to do is advertise. Can your family do without
the money you need to advertise? This question must be answered
according to each individual’s circumstances. You may need
to trim a few things from the family budget.

b) “What are my strengths?” To determine your strengths
you will have to take an inventory of yourself. Decide
what you enjoy doing the most and what you feel you would
be good at. Examine every possibility and include all the
skills you have no matter how small they seem.

There is no harm in brushing up on the things you are lacking.
Local community colleges have courses that help you do this
at very small price. There are also a lot of free online
resources you can read to gain more knowledge. All you have
to do is go to a search engine like Google and do a search on
your topic of interest.

c) “Is there a market for the product or program I have
chosen?” Be cautious before you invest any money. Check it
out by making inquiries directly to the company, competitors,
or firms who are marketing a product or program similar to the
one you are interested in. Test it on a small scale and track
your testing. Check it out thoroughly.

d) “How long will it take this business to reach the
financial goal I must have?” You should know how much time
you can dedicate to your business, and what your profits are
for that time. From there, a simple math will tell you how
long it might take to reach a particular financial goal.


You must have the courage to start. Don’t be caught in analysis
paralysis. Some people spend too much time analyzing opportunity
that they never start. Don’t fall into this trap. You MUST have
the courage to start.


Take a close look at your interests and abilities, and then
decide what type of program or product you want to do. For
example, do you want to do referral programs, or write e-books
to sell? The object is to find out what has the most appeal.
If it does not appeal to you, you will not be motivated enough
to see it through.


A good marketing plan is one part of a business plan that
is absolutely essential to its success. In fact, the ability to
properly market a program can be more important than the
program itself. You want targeted marketing. You have to
reach the right audience in your marketing efforts.

Go to discussion forums in your niche and see what others are
doing. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Experience is the best
teacher. With good program or product, you should be able to
develop a winning strategy.


Be a self-motivator and continue moving forward towards
the goals you want and deserve. Keep educating yourself in
your area of interest. The best extra income earners never
stop educating themselves because there is always something
to learn.

If you have or develop the above attributes, your little
extra income program or business could turn into your main
income program or business. You will be smiling all the way
to the bank with some nice checks and thanking yourself for
having the GUTS needed to accomplish your goal.

Get Started! Do it NOW!:-)

The Home Business University That Changed My Life

Tuesday, June 21st, 2005

But I have also made a handful of good decisions, and at the top of that list is my decision to become a member of the IAHBE. The IAHBE ( stands for International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs. In one sentence, it is simply “An online Home Business University with an extensive Learning Center packed with home business information, reports, articles, seminars and other content put under one roof.”

Being an exclusive paid membership resource, I was very half-hearted at first at the thought of spending a good $29 for something as intangible as “information”. As I once asked myself, many people now ask me this question: “Can’t I get this information for FREE on the Internet? So why do I need to pay for it?”

I have to admit that this is a valid question. And I have to agree that you CAN find similar (but not exact) information for free, scattered around the Internet. So why choose the IAHBE? How can it help you?

Let me tell you my story, from the point of view of an entrepreneur living in Malaysia, while trying to build a global business on the Internet. This is how it changed my life…

1) Your Words are the Holy Truth

Not too long ago, I used to think that my ex-MLM upline leader had my best interests at heart. I thought that the meetings I went for and the methods they preached were the only way to build and market a home based business.

That couldn’t be any further from the truth. For example, my upline thought me these lessons about prospecting:

a) Go door-to-door and ask people to come to the Opportunity Meeting…
b) NEVER mention that it is a “business opportunity meeting”…
c) Personally go to the prospect’s home and bring them to the opportunity meeting…
d) Make a surprise visit to your prospect’s home and show them the compensation plan…
e) Convince the prospect to join or buy the products

I could go on and on, but surely you get the point. In the IAHBE, I came across an article by Tom “Big Al” Schreiter about prospecting, and it changed my life forever. Here’s what the article said:

“Professionals sort, amateurs convince”

I wish words could express how that simple sentence changed my idea of prospecting forever…

The point is this: You can never rely on a single source of information. The IAHBE has so many good and qualified authors, every one of them a success in their own rights. Finally, I found a place where I can get so much high quality information, compare them, and decide for myself which ideas I want to follow.

If you’ve decided to climb the home business ladder to success, and you want to REALLY make sure that it’s not leaning against the wrong wall, you’ll need guidance from people who have “been there and done that” before you start your journey.

2) Running Around in Circles

Before I joined the IAHBE, I was scouting around the Internet for free home business tips and ideas. I found many, but the problem was that I now had to ask myself:

- Which Internet “guru” you should I listen to?
- What should I invest in?
- Which resources will help me achieve profitability and which ones won’t?
- What steps should I take to get where I want without busting my budget?

As I sat around cracking my head with these questions, I realized another undeniable factor to home business success, TIME! The fact is that there are only so many hours in a day, and why was I wasting time trying to wade through the sea of information called the Internet?

Information on the Internet, I learned, can never be fully trusted, especially if it’s FREE. There are so many “Fake Experts” out there pitching ideas they have not tried themselves, which can lead the new guy astray.

With the IAHBE on the other hand, I can be assured that I am getting only top quality information. All writers are screened and evaluated before their material is accepted by the IAHBE. You don’t get the fake ones here, and that’s a real relief.

3) Keeping My Home Business Costs under Control

As a budding home business entrepreneur, my survival depended on how well I controlled my meager finances and small capital. And yet, every business owner knows the costs associated when starting your business. For example, I had to spend on:

a) My personal growth - books, ebooks, reports
b) Advertising - ezine ads, PPC, leads and print media ads
c) Operations - PC software, productivity tools

I had, at that time, spent close to $3000 just getting started. Most that was spent on useless website traffic schemes, so called “targeted” home business leads, books, software and PPC advertising. But in my second month as a member of the IAHBE, I realized that I actually have hundreds of unused coupons, discounts and special offers for the same products and services that I paid the full price for elsewhere. How can they do this?

It’s a question of simple economics. What you cannot achieve as an individual, you can easily achieve as a group. Since the IAHBE has thousands of members, they can easily negotiate for special bulk discounts, free trials, and even free gifts from various suppliers, manufacturers and retailers.

4) A Simple Choice I had to Make

Many of my downline affiliates ask; is the IAHBE suitable for me? To this question I always ask them back:

“Do you want to spend time finding information, or do you want to spend time building a business?”

The reason is this; if you’re content in running around chasing information, instead of actually building a business, you don’t need the IAHBE. If you want to learn only from truly successful people, and get the information delivered to your doorstep, there is no smarter choice. After all, it only costs you around a dollar a day. Heck, even useless ‘lifestyle’ magazines cost more :)

5) The Journey Makes a Full Circle

The only apparent weakness of the IAHBE was that it did not provide information specific to Malaysia, where I live and run my Internet business. Sure, the articles and tips were great, but when I needed information that applies to me as a Malaysian, I dreaded the thought of going back to the world of offline information retrieval.

In an email, I told them that they should be more “International” as their name suggests. To my honest surprise, three months down the road, they did indeed become truly “International”. And they were looking for writers to complement their search for information on Asia, especially in home business hotspots like India, Malaysia, Singapore, China, Japan and the Philippines.

Good things happen to those who persist. Not only did I get what I want, I was also appointed as a writer for topics related to Asia. Now I had to give back, and I could not be happier doing so.

So even if you are based in far corners of Asia, the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs could be the smartest choice you make this year to help you improve as an entrepreneur, as a marketer, and as a human being.

Take it form a guy who learned the hard way. Take it from a guy who is a member, writer and 100% believer in the IAHBE, and how it can change your life. You can get more info at

Seek only the truth, for the truth shall set you free. In the story of my life as an entrepreneur, it did indeed.

The Importance of Articles in Web Promotion

Monday, June 20th, 2005

There are ways around this. You can purchase the rights to articles that will allow you to add your own resource box to the bottom. The content may not be the freshest and the newest, and many others may be using the same content or variations on it, but it is still content with your resource box tagged on at the bottom. There are numerous article submission directories and sites on the net, such as the biggies like, to small ones like my own at You will be able to submit your article, even if it isn’t original, to some of these without duplicating existing content on the article directory. This is what I did first.

The next possibility is to go somewhere like, and pay someone to write articles for you. This is more expensive than the first option, but has the benefit that the article is original, so it is more likely to be copied and published elsewhere. Also, make sure you have the complete rights to the material you commission, so that you may modify, relabel, or amalgamate into an ebook if you desire. Usually, you should get several decent articles for the amount of money you spend.

Finally, are you sure you can’t write your own article? That you haven’t found out something in your life that will be of interest to others? There is a huge list of possible article subjects at GoArticles and other sites, and you will be amazed at what you do know if you sit and think about it. After all, as I said earlier, I didn’t think I was capable of writing an article, yet this is one I wrote myself, and it isn’t my first. If you’ve made mistakes, an article describing how NOT to do something can be just as useful as one describing how to do something. If you still have problems coming up with a coherent article, jot down your notes and pay someone to ghostwrite it for you. Again, check sites like Elance for ghostwriters.

Why write and distribute articles in the first place? Free advertising and promotion. I submitted several articles to a handful (under five) of article directories. Several days later, after Google had done a recent crawl, I did a number of phrase searches on the web. If you enclose your search phrase in quotes, Google will search for that specific phrase. I searched for some of the article titles I had posted, and my own name (admittedly, this is only useful if you have a rare name that doesn’t bring up pages of search results for other people of the same name). I found the articles I had published showing up on several websites. What made this even better was that a number of the places where I found the articles weren’t places I had submitted them to. Other people had taken my articles and published them on their own websites. So the benefit is, lots of non-reciprocal links pointing to your website, that frequently you didn’t have to do anything beyond intially publishing the article to get. Free traffic, advertising and promotion for a few minutes work.

A final note. Make sure the articles are useful, and not just promotional sales letters. They don’t have to be long, 1-2,000 words is usually adequate as a maximum length for an article, but don’t just publish sales blurb. Your article won’t get syndicated elsewhere, and your reputation will suffer. Get known as a source of decent quality articles, and you will become known as an expert.

The Internet - a numbers game….

Sunday, June 19th, 2005

At the most basic level, building a successful website is just a matter of getting sufficient visitors to the site and ensuring that some of them purchase something. I am a firm believer that you can sell pretty much anything if the price is right and whilst your products may not appeal to everyone, they will appeal to someone.

So, back to the numbers game. Once you know the percentage of visitors to your site that will actually buy something (the conversion ratio), you can give yourself something to aim for…..

If one out of every 100 visitors buys something then you have a conversion ratio of 1% (which online is actually not that bad). This means that 500 visitors to your site should result in five sales.

To increase the number of sales there are a couple of things you could do. Firstly, you could increase your conversion ratio by improving your sales page or reducing your prices etc. Alternatively, you could work the numbers game and increase your traffic - you already know that 500 visitors will give you five sales so if you can get 1000 visitors to your site, you should generate ten sales (assuming that the quality of the traffic is equal to or better than that which you are already receiving).

This may seem obvious but it is often the most obvious things that people miss. I was talking to one of my customers recently and they had managed to build their site up to the point whereby it was receiving around 250 visitors a day and was generating approximately $50,000 a year in sales (this was a site selling physical goods so this figure is the sales cost, not profit).

Despite this, my customer was finding it hard to visualize the steps that he needed to take to improve his business further. His target was for the business to generate sales of $200,000 a year and the difference between the current earnings and the target earnings seemed too great to be achievable.

To get over this perceived problem, I asked my customer to look at things in a slightly different way. I asked him to forget about the sales figure and concentrate on visitor numbers to the site. If 250 visitors a day generate $50,000 a year in sales, then it is fair to assume that 1000 visitors a day will generate $200,000 in sales (as long as the quality of the visitors remains constant).

This made the task seem fair more achievable since my customer ‘only’ had to find another 750 visitors a day instead of $150,000.

Of course, finding that many new visitors a day is a big task but if you are mentally prepared and believe you can achieve your target, you are far more likely to succeed.

This numbers game principle can be applied to pretty much any aspect of an online business, for example….

If you write a newsletter and you have 1000 subscribers that generate income when you promote a product of, say, $100, then to increase this figure to $500 you simply need to increase your subscriber numbers to 5,000.

If you know that each time you add a new page of content to your site that this will generate, on average, ten extra visitors a day from the search engines (once the page has been crawled and indexed) then adding 100 pages of content to your site should earn you an extra 1000 visitors a day!

If you are a regular contributor to online forums and know that each post you make (that contains a link in your signature to your website) will gain you 5 new visitors to your site a week, then making 10 posts a day should boost your visitor numbers by 350 a week.

If you create your own products such as eBooks or software and currently earn $250 a month from each one, then it is perfectly possible that every new product you develop will earn you an extra $250 a month (once marketed and established).

And finally, if you have one website that earns you $50,000 profit a year, what would happen if you had two websites? Or three? Or five?……

Online business is just a numbers game - the principals behind the numbers are far more complicated and I am not suggesting for one moment that doing any of the above tasks is easy BUT if you keep the numbers at the front of your mind it should make the targets seem far more achievable.

The Long Tail and Analytics

Saturday, June 18th, 2005

There was a great article by Danny Sullivan on Search Engine Watch relating to The Long Tail and Search and how the top 50% of searches generated 80% of the search volume.

However there is also the argument that the bottom 20% of searches also generate 60% of the sales.  In other words, those terms which are more focused and specific are more likely to convert.  For example, a search for a generic term like “lawyer” is less likely to convert that “New Jersey divorce lawyer.”

Therefore, as a search engine marketer we need to not only focus on those high traffic more generic words, but also put some effort towards lower traffic, but more than likely higher converting keywords.

This is a common tactic in todays SEM.  In fact it’s the norm for PPC marketers – to have exposure on high traffic (and high cost terms) even if they don’t get clicks.  This helps build brand awareness.  Then the budget is more focused on focused terms that generally cost less but convert at a higher rate.

Or organic search marketers we see this every day.  My large clients get tons of clicks from more generic phrases but the conversions happen on the more specific terms.

And my biggest problem with this right now is that I have no easy way to measure those thousands (And sometimes tens of thousands) of individual conversions effectively.

I feel today’s analytics packages need to be more flexible and automatically group referrals into keyword baskets, much like today’s modern PPC programs.

This way you could easily determine if a Geographic referral (for example) is “worth” more than a product specific referral.

Through grouping of keywords much better analysis of traffic, both paid and organic, could be completed to determine where tactics and strategy could better be applied.

For example, using the above situation, if my site is positioned well organically for both geographic and product specific terms, yet I am seeing more geographic referrals which lead to conversions, then I will want to develop a strategy to enhance this.  I would want to emphasize my organic geographic placement and try to further increase my rankings here.

But without the grouped analytics I’ve mentioned this is difficult to do at this time.

For example, one of my clients is a high profile legal site which gets millions of search referrals from hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.  Of the hundred thousand or so Google referrals, I know that about 75% are more generic terms, but what I really want to know is whether the other 25% - the better converting terms – are primarily geographic terms (like New Jersey Lawyer) or searches for specific types of lawyers (like divorce lawyer).

However, because there are so many terms in the Long Tail I can’t easily determine this.

Therefore I am calling on Analytics vendors to address this situation.  I NEED to know what terms are better for my clients.  Sure I can guess that geographic terms are likely better in this case, but I need proof and I can’t easily get it.

Analytics should be more like search engines in a sense.  Rather than showing me all the referrals, show my the organic referrals from Google which may contain a location.  And don’t make my have to type in the location (although make it an option), the analytics should be smart enough to group keywords, with some guidance.

Why can’t Hitbox, Urchin and Webtrends understand that bankruptcy terms and financial terms may be related, or that Paris and Europe terms are related.

There needs to be more intuition programmed into the analytics to help the average user be able to determine where to focus.

That being said, if there was such functionality in an Analytics package I would think it would become one of the most used features.  Because if I could slice and dice the data umpteen different ways to find out if New York is more popular than New Jersey (in terms of search) then i would be able to better target both my paid and organic campaigns.

That’s because I could see that if I’m paying higher PPC costs for New York terms, but find that New Jersey actually converts better then I will shift budget to New Jersey terms.

Conversely, if I find New Jersey terms convert better and I’m doing paid campaigns for both NY and NJ even though I’m ranking highly for both, why wouldn’t I try moving some budget to other areas which could do better?

Also, having such intuitive analytics could help find those organic terms which have lower PPC costs because others haven’t considered them yet conversions are good.

As you can see, there could be many different ways to use an analytics package that was able to more effectively allow you to use the data.

Because if you can increase the occurrence of higher converting keywords in both your organic and paid campaigns you will increase your sales.  Even if your total search volume drops because less emphasis is placed on generic terms, as long as there’s a positive ROI in the end, does it matter?

Consider it another way: My experience has shown me that more specific terms have higher conversion rates than more general terms.  Even if the general terms gets more traffic, there are a greater earnings from the specific term.

The point I’m trying to make is that even though a term has high referrals, it isn’t likely as highly converting as other terms.  Therefore one needs to be able to see the whole picture and with today’s analytics this is extremely difficult without lots of manual intervention (exporting to a spreadsheet or database and performing complex analysis).

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