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10 reasons for starting a home business online.

Sunday, July 9th, 2006

1. You want to escape the rat race. You’d rather spend the 2 hours
you waste every day with your family, or on a hobby. Running your

own business online you can stop the commute, and you can feel good
because you are helping to cut pollution too.

2 You can work part time building your new home business online until
you see it taking off. You aren’t giving up your bill paying regular
job to jump in without any income.

3 It’s possible to start a home business online with very little
outlay. Webhosting is cheaper than a bricks and mortar shopfront.
You already have the pc to access the net, it can start working
for it’s keep.

4 You can choose your own hours. If you have an appointment to keep
in the morning, start your online work in the afternoon. No one can
tell you “you can’t have that week off in August, Bill got in first”

5 If you work harder you can benefit directly, you put more hours in
and your online business makes more profit, your wages go up. Your
salary isn’t fixed by someone elses view of what you’re worth.

6 A lot of online business tasks can be automated, using readily
available tools. Emails can be automatically sent by
autoresponders, even regularly asked questions can be sorted and
answered by software.

7 A website works 24 hours a day without complaining. Even if you’re
on holiday your online business website can be working online for
you bringing in money.

8 Your online business can be as far reaching as you want, it can
offer something for your local community. It can equally sell to
people around the world, without penalty. It doesn’t cost any extra
to send an email to Australia, or for your website to be used to
make a purchase by someone in Europe.

9 Starting a home business online means you have a continuously
growing market as more and more people come online everyday.

10 It’s dress down day everyday. You can work in your pyjamas if you
want, nobody’s going to stop you in your own home. No more suits and
ties unless you want to wear them, but that’s your choice.

7 essentials of moving to anew web host

Friday, June 23rd, 2006

The first step is to ensure that you have all legal documents and contracts with you. Then make sure you have accurate and updated copies of all content, databases, scripts, and clientele lists. A back up needs to be done as a matter of routine not just when you need to move. Trouble can rear it head in the form of hardware failure or unexplained data losses.

Research the market thoroughly before deciding on a new hosting service. List your requirements and look for a host that can exceed your needs. It is not just bandwidth that you need to look at. Consider technical support, upgrading options, as well as whether the host is keeping up with new developments in the field.

It is important to run from the two web hosts simultaneously for a period until all debugging is carried out and problems are solved. Activate your new solution and upload all your pages, databases, and scripts. Use the new IP address provided by the new company and test the site.

Once things function satisfactorily you must transfer the DNS servers from your previous host to the new one. The transition may take around two weeks so it is essential to keep both sites functional during that transition period. Check mails from both sites until such time you don’t receive any communications to the old site. Once you are sure, discontinue your old hosting service.

Be sure to:

•Select a new service that is similar to your old one as far as technology is concerned. And that you are using the latest design software and that the host has the latest server versions. This will maximize site efficacy.

•Check carefully the hosting service agreement pertaining to the new host.

•Choose a dedicated environment that will offer more capacity for dealing with online customers and provide adequate bandwidth allowances.

•Check out the benefits of an annual plan against a monthly one.

•Find out if your new web hosts are reliable, honest, and competent. The people running the web hosting service must comprehend the technology thoroughly and keep abreast of new developments.

•Check forums to see if the new host you have selected has good reviews and whether there are any valid complaints.

•The host must ensure that your site is up and running 24/7 for 365 days. The pages must load instantly; to this end the web host must have state of the art computer systems. CGI routines, autoresponders, PHP, ASP, SSI scripts, credit card gateways, and so on. All systems must function smoothly.

Be a wise and informed mover.

Affordable Web Hosting - Shared Web Hosting Explained

Monday, June 12th, 2006

Shared Web Hosting - What is it?

Shared hosting is an economic way of hosting web sites where you do not require high performance (CPU workload) and high bandwidth. As the name “Shared Hosting” suggests, the server that is hosting the web pages is shared between many users, this is how web hosting providers can sell web hosting space at affordable prices down to as low as $3-$4 a month, many accounts on one server spreads the cost of the server among many users. Whereas a dedicated server can cost upwards of $100 per month.

With many web sites hosted on a web server you can be sure that web hosting providers will not make any compromises on performance issues, they will also not make any compromises on security, as one web site with a security issue could affect all other sites on the server, for this reason shared servers are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by IT professionals to ensure minimum downtimes.

The Advantages of Shared Web Hosting

As many web sites are hosted per server, hosting providers are able to offer very competitively priced shared hosting plans. For shared hosting you can expect to pay $3-$8 per month for shared hosting services, with some providers offering up to 20,000MB of space and 1TB of bandwidth within in this price range. This is amazing value, thanks to competition web hosting is now within the reach of the personal web designer or hobbyist, and not reserved for just businesses with large budgets.

Shared hosting web servers due to their nature need to be maintained round the clock by highly skilled IT professionals, this lets you concentrate on managing your web site, you can leave all the other things related to web hosting to the professionals.

Shared hosting web masters can manage their web site using what is commonly known as a control panel to manage their hosting, this allows you to add domains, monitor statistics, create databases, manage email addresses and all manner of other things. Each web hosting provider varies what facilities are made available to you in their control panel, but thanks to fierce competition between web hosting providers these days the differences between each providers feature set is decreasing.

Todays shared web hosting service comes with enough disk space and bandwidth to be more than sufficient for small businesses, and if you ever need resources than what your current plan offers you can always upgrade as your web site grows in size and popularity.

Best Web Hosting Deals Overview

Thursday, April 13th, 2006

The answer to this question is another question. What are your business plans and budget? It is only by carefully evaluating your business needs and budget that you’ll be able to zero in on which of these 10 web hosting packages suits your business plan.

Yahoo Web Hosting - Yahoo’s brand name is their strength, and their experiences have helped them to create the right mix of web hosting plans.
Their uptime speed is reliable, as you’ll be using the same infrastructure their search engine is built on. You can reach customer service, by dialing their toll free numbers or emailing them.

IPowerWeb Hosting – is a late entrant to the hosting industry, but their use of cutting edge technology, such as their innovative Vdeck control panel software, has catapulted them from unknown to being one of the leading webhosting providers on the net. Today, they service over 220,000 clients.

PowWeb Hosting justifiably prides itself on its ability to offer the same features the more expensive webhosting providers’ offer but at a lower price. Their oldest “all-in-one hosting plan” at $7.77, is the lowest in the industry. They just keep adding more features at the same price. PowWeb would best appeal to the new online merchant, who has made big plans to take their online business to the next level, and the plans’ many features are made to accommodate this.

Lunarpages Hosting made its mark on the webhosting industry, with their comprehensive hosting data center, feature filled $7.95 monthly plan, backed by 24/7 customer service with email and toll free numbers. At this price, most hosting providers just give you an email address. Here at Lunarpages, all inquiries and problems are immediately answered addressed and answered.

Bluehost Hosting’s basic plan of $7.95 a month includes 10GB of hosting space and 250 GB of bandwidth, a free domain name, 2500 POP3 web based emails and FTP, PHP, CGI, CPanel. Then they’ll host your website on a high performance Xeon server. Superior customer service ensures you get help within 20 minutes, while their server uptime speed is consistently fast.

Startlogic Hosting has over 50,000 satisfied customers and here’s why you can be one of them. They’ve got all the equipment and features you’ll need to keep your site going. For $6.50 per month, the subscriber gets a free domain, cool web templates and 100 GB transfer. Moreover, their customer service is unbeatable and award winning.

Dot5Hosting offers a $5/month plan for the smart website owner, who knows that expensive doesn’t necessarily mean quality. They offer excellent hosting at an affordable price, with a higher level of security, backed by top-quality customer service.

1and1 Hosting means that for only $4.99 a month, you’ll get speedy, and secure hosting solutions and a guaranteed 99% uptime. Add their courteous and capable technical support team, who are online 24/7, to answer your questions. That’s a steal!

Netfirms Hosting offers reasonably priced hosting solutions for both small and personal site owners. Why do they host over 1,000,000 websites? Their multi-server method eliminates the need of your site to depend on only one server. In addition, they do centralized system checks, which allow them to fix problems quickly.

Apollo Hosting has an ace in its sleeve – it offers subscribers the use of the excellent Miva Merchant ecommerce software, which is worth $695 by itself. Whether you’re a veteran or a new online merchant, having free use of this e-commerce software equals a lot of savings.

For more information, please go to this webpage to find out all about the deals referenced in this article-

Cheap Web Hosting - Choose The Right Company

Tuesday, March 28th, 2006

You have to be more aware of the web hosting company that you choose. If you have a budget stick to it, if you see hosting for little or nothing and find yourself thinking “how do they make money” stay well away, the chances are your web site will be hosted with very little bandwidth resulting in a very slow accessible and unprofessional web site. You may also find that the customer service is little or none.

You need to clearly outline your own requirements to the web hosting company, if you do not do so you are at fault and not in any position to point the finger at others. If you make a list of requirements such as particular files you need etc you can send your requirements to multiple hosting companies and see who comes back with the greater service.

If you have more than one web site to host such as affiliate marketers it is not a good idea to put all your sites with the one web host company server to start with, you need to be 100% confident with the service, so start with one web site first as a test. Remember if you do host all your websites with one host company, all it takes is one problem to bring all your sites down and could result in lose of revenue for you. At least if you have some web sites hosted by another company they will still be online.

Some web host companies offer testimonials on their own web site from valued customers recommending them. Seeing is not believing, call these customers and get a face value recommendation for yourself.

What if I have problems?

Lets be honest, problems can occur and they maybe your fault and sometimes the web host company is to blame. Problems with technology can occur any time but it’s how the hosting company react to the fault that will determine if you stay with them or not. If you find your web site dropping off line or downloading slowly at a regular basis simply change to another web host company. On going problems not fixed is a very bad sign and it shows arrogance towards their customers. Support is vital from a web host company and it should be 24 hour if it’s a large organisation.

Virus Problems and Hackers

It is up to the web host company to ensure that your files are protected from virus and hackers at all times. There has been plenty of companies who have had their web sites hacked only then to find out that the web host company had not got the latest patches and security software applied. First timers to web hosting should always ask how often updates and what software is used to protect web sites.


In business your web site can be a large source of revenue or sometimes your only source. Always do your own backup of the web site. If the web host company experience problems and for whatever reason has no backups available your whole business could be on hold. Backups are vital so do it as regular as possible or face the consequences. Some companies have testimonials on their web site from customers, do not be afraid to call these guys for an up to date reference.

If you where taking on an employee you would check all references, this is similar. Always get the full contact details of the web hosting company, many people simple go online and have an email address only as the contact. If their email goes down and you need to contact them you should have their full details at hand. Always shop around for the different web hosting plans and compare, you will find large differences, after you settle with a budget ask the necessary questions before you sign up.

Choosing a web host based on price? Don’t!

Sunday, March 26th, 2006

Think again. First, consider how much you would be saving. If you run a business site, saving $5, $10 or even $15 a month is not a big saving. No going concern will become a stopping concern on account of even $15 a month. But the wrong web hosting service can stop a business cold.

Here are three reasons to look beyond price when choosing your web host.

Usability. Confession time: I chose my first website host based on price. The control panel was not easy to use, and I often found myself traveling in circles trying to enter it. I switched to my second web host based not just on price, but on usability, and I instantly became a pro. Well, not quite. But I was able to manage my email accounts and learn about CGI, and check my traffic stats and edit my html files right on the server. Not bad for a newbie who couldn’t even find his files on his previous host’s server.

Service. I thought my second host had great service. They even answered my emails. Until the dreaded day that some guy with a chip on his shoulder filed a phony spam complaint. I was out in the cold. In fact, they would not answer my emails or even speak to me at all. Meanwhile, my ISP responded to the same phony complaint immediately, sharing with me a copy and giving me a chance to deal with it. That ISP is now my third web host. I pay a little more, but the personal service is worth it. I have no hesitation recommending Phastnet web site hosting services to anybody who wants the assurance that they won’t be hung out to dry at the first whiff of somebody in a bad mood.

Reliability. When that phony spam complaint struck, my website was down for four days. Ouch! But there are many other things that can bring down a site. What is your web host’s uptime? And how reliable is its reporting and your monitoring? Other things can happen, like a form not functioning – meaning lost sales. Worse still, what if Google comes crawling just when your site is down? Search engines don’t like sending people to unreliable sites. Website and network monitoring services can often help avert such catastrophes, and the cost is nothing compared to the cost of lost sales.

Sure, save a few bucks on hosting, and pay a whole lot more in lost sales and increased stress. Your web host is your Internet landlord. Take as much time choosing your web host as you would the place you live in. Price alone just is not enough.

Choosing Your First Hosting Provider

Saturday, March 25th, 2006

An excellent site running on a poor host is a recipe for disaster, if your provider cannot keep your site online 24 hours, 7 days a week you could be missing out on visitors and if your site is for your business, this could mean lost sales as well. It is very important to consider several elements when choosing your first web host, too many people are dissatisfied with their current web hosting provider. First and foremost, the best web hosting provider is the one that suits your needs.

Disk Space

The first thing to take into consideration is disk space. The amount of disk space your will require depends on the size of the web site, and of course how much money you can afford to spend. Ideally you should always go with a plan that has room to grow, if your site currently is around 200mb you must ask yourself, how large will the site be in 12 months, or even 2 years. If you plan to serve media files from your site such as videos, flash animations, or any other type of content that tends to be large in size, you will need to allow for this as well.


The second thing to consider is bandwidth. Bandwidth is the amount of data you will be serving to your visitors, if you have plans of having a high traffic site in the future, you should consider a plan that allows for a high amount of bandwidth. As with disk space, it is also wise to consider more bandwidth than what your site will require initially, not less.

Serving Speed

The speed that pages are served from the host is often overlooked when it comes to choosing a hosting provider, you should always track down other sites hosted at the web host you are considering. If pages are not served in a timely fashion, your visitors may not wait around to view your content.

Choosing your host

Friday, March 24th, 2006

What is web hosting?
Your website pages maybe made in HTML or php or asp or other extensions. These pages and scripts need to be run from a server that will attend to the requests of users wishing to view these pages. Such a service that allows you to upload and store a site’s HTML or other documents, scripts and related files on a web server and makes the files available on the World Wide Web for viewing by the public is called site hosting. is a company that offers the perfect hosting solution. Choosing your hosting provider is perhaps the most crucial element in the success of your website. Consider it this way, your website design is like the body of your car. The engine is like the hosting company. In other words, what you need is a ‘solid’ hosting company.

While choosing your host you need to consider a few aspects:
Disk space consumption
A small website might require as low as 200 mb. A portal may require even 5 gb. As a webmaster you will need to evaluate how much disk space you would require. offers a wide range of packages to choose from. For smaller websites there are shared hosting plans. For portals there are dedicated server solutions and much more.

Bandwidth transfer
Every hosting package comes with a bandwidth transfer limit. If you consume more than that, you pay extra for that. While choosing a host you need to evaluate your bandwidth requirement. offers absolutely amazing bandwidth limits that too at abysmally low costs.

Support is an extremely important aspect while choosing a host. It’s said bad support is more expensive than good support. A small server problem and your while website could be down for hours or even days. What you need is a reliable and stable host that offers the best support as and when you need it. offers absolutely outstanding 24 x7 LIVE customer support absolutely FREE.

Newsletter and email
Any serious website definitely requires newsletter and emailing support. If a customer’s inquiry isn’t instantly being delivered to you, then you may actually be losing a customer. Besides that you must also check it for SMTP pop mails, web mail options and auto-responders. offers a wide range of email and list handling options, the best one can get anywhere.

Uptime Guarantee
An extremely important aspect while choosing a host. Uptime means the time when your website would be available to the visitors. Apparently if a host is offering a 90% uptime guarantee, it means you website can actually be down for almost 36 days in a year! Never settle for anything less than 98%. offers an uptime guarantee of 99.5%, which is by far the best in the industry.

Visitor tracking
The ability to track visitors i.e. site statistics. It’s important that you know not only how many visitors you are getting but also where they are coming from. This will help you focus your attention on the right channels of promotion. offers Cpanel. Cpanel has top of the line multiple visitor tracking softwares to suit your convenience.

E-commerce add-on capabilities
If you are planning to sell goods on your site at some point, you will need an e-commerce platform plus other add-ons for enabling e-commerce. offers the perfect platform to e-commerce enabling. ServerPlex Networks and e-onlinedata offer you the highest quality Credit Card Processing and Payment Gateway services. They specialize in Merchant Accounts for Internet, Mail Order/Phone Order, Retail and Auction businesses.

Discover the Paid Advertising Strategies — Without Blowing Your Budget!

Sunday, March 5th, 2006

Once you know how to calculate the value of a visitor to your site, you’ll be able to figure out how much you can afford to spend on advertising without draining your wallet.

There are a few simple calculations you’ll need to make in order to determine the value of your visitors. In order to make these calculations, you’ll need to know your total number of sales, gross revenues, total expenses, and unique visitors for a set period of time (let’s say a month). Once you have these figures at your disposal, you’re ready to do some math!

Step 1: Calculate the conversion rate of your site

Your conversion rate is calculated by dividing the number of unique visitors to your site by the total number of sales you made in a given time period. Here’s the equation:

Unique Visitors / Total Number of Sales = Conversion Rate

For example: if your site got 5,000 unique visitors last month, and you made 40 sales, then your equation would be: 5,000 total visitors / 40 sales = conversion rate of 125 unique visitors per sale

If you don’t know how many unique visitors your site gets, contact your Web server and ask to see your server logs. Your logs contain a lot of data about your traffic and are a goldmine of information!

Step 2: Calculate the net profits for every sale you make

In order to determine the true value of a visitor, you’ll need to know what your “take-home” profits are for each sale, after all your expenses have been subtracted. Here’s the equation:

(Gross Revenue - Total Expenses) / Total Number of Sales = Net Profit per Sale

If you sold 40 items for $79.95 each last month: 40 sales x $79.95 per item = $3,198 gross revenues

From your total gross revenues, you’d then subtract your monthly expenses. If your total expenses came to $1,566, your net profit would be: $3,198 gross revenues - $1,566 expenses = $1,632 net profit

Next, divide your total net profit by your total number of sales to calculate your net profit per sale. For example, if you made 40 sales: $1,632 net profit / 40 sales = $40.80 net profit per sale

For every $79.95 item you sell, $40.80 goes straight into your pocket as pure profit!

Step 3: Calculate your visitor worth by dividing your net profit per sale by your conversion rate

Now that you have calculated your sales conversion rate and net profit, here’s how you calculate the value of a visitor:

Net Profit per Sale / Conversion Rate = Visitor Worth

If your net profit per sale is $40.80 and your conversion rate is 1 in 125, then your equation will look like this: $40.80 net profit per sale / 125 conversion rate = $0.32

This means you can afford to spend up to $0.32 to attract a single visitor to your site. So if you invest $50 in testing an advertising technique, it should bring you at least 156 visitors to break even — and one of them needs to buy your product. If you receive fewer visitors than this and no one makes a purchase, then your test has failed, and you’ll need to move on to the next test!
Create a stampede of traffic to your site with our top 4 “smart advertising” techniques

People are often reluctant to put a lot of money into online advertising because they’re not confident their investments will pay off. The truth is, well-planned paid advertising strategies can RAPIDLY increase the number of visitors to your site — and put you on the fast track to success!

The trick is knowing which strategies to invest in. We’ve tried a lot of different forms of advertising over the years, and the four listed below are by far the most profitable. We strongly suggest you give them a try before exploring any other types of advertising out there.

1. Get your site listed on the major pay-per-click search engines

Without a doubt, pay-per-click (PPC) search engines are still the best value for your advertising dollar!

If you want to get listed on a PPC search engine, bid on keywords that relate to the content of your site. If you’re the highest bidder on a given keyword, your site will be the first listing that appears at the top of the “results” page when someone performs a search for that keyword.

And getting listed on a PPC search engine is the easiest way to get listed at the top of the major search engines — fast! Plus, when you’re in the top three listings on Overture (the industry leader in PPC search), your site will be featured as a “sponsored listing” on highly trafficked sites such as Yahoo!, Altavista,, InfoSpace, and

If you monitor the click-through and sales conversion rates of the keywords you’re bidding on, there’s no way you can lose money. Just be sure to keep your bids lower than your visitor worth, and you’ll be set!

You may also want to check out the following PPC search

2. Place text ads in popular e-zines and online trade journals

E-zines are popping up everywhere on the ‘Net these days, all catering to very different niche markets. And just like offline magazines, a lot of them need to sell advertising in order to stay profitable.

By placing an ad in these publications, you can increase your site’s exposure and “piggyback” on the e-zine’s reputation, encouraging readers to click on the ad and check out your site. But first, you’ll have to do some research to discover which e-zines and online trade journals are popular with your niche market.

Try to place your ads in well trafficked e-zines with content that’s directly relevant to your target audience. For example, if you sell bulk recycled stationery, advertise in an e-zine geared to office workers — not in one that’s meant for rock climbers!

The cost of running an e-zine ad can vary anywhere from $20 to $100 per ad, depending on the e-zine and the type of ads they publish. It’s generally safe to assume that more popular e-zines charge more for their ads.

To learn more about which e-zines are going to be the best places for you to advertise, here are a few sites to check out:

3. Get your site listed on paid inclusion directories and portals

A great way to get your site seen by a lot of different people — AND boost your ranking with the free search engines! — is to buy a listing on paid directories or portal sites.

A directory is an indexed listing of sites that’s managed by human editors (as opposed to the free search engines, which are entirely run by computers). Some directories are free, while others charge anywhere from $10 to $100 for a listing. Do some research to discover which directories are popular with your niche market before deciding where you want your site to be listed.

Portals are “megasites” that provide a wide range of resources, information, and services to their visitors. Yahoo! started off as a directory but has grown to become a popular portal site that offers search capability, news, entertainment, and other features in addition to its indexed listings.

Yahoo! gets a lot of traffic, but it can also be very expensive! It costs $299 to get your site fast-tracked and reviewed for inclusion by Yahoo!’s human editors, and even then your site isn’t guaranteed to be included.

If you want to get a good listing on the Yahoo! directory, you should probably focus your advertising efforts on Overture, Yahoo!’s pay-per-click search engine, which can get you listed on Yahoo! for just pennies a click.

4. Post a banner, classified ad, or pop-up on industry “hot sites”

Whenever you come across sites that are popular with your niche market, do whatever you can to get your site listed on them.

If they sell classified ads on their site, buy one!

You can also pay these industry “hot sites” to place a banner ad or pop-up on their site.

Banner ads have declined somewhat in popularity, but that’s mostly due to people using them poorly in the past. Skyscrapers (vertical ads placed at the edge of a web page) and discreet banners that look like they’re part of the web page can still be very effective.

Pop-ups have gotten a poor reputation, but again, that’s due to people using them in intrusive or offensive ways, such as pop-up “loops” that take over your computer. We’ve found that a tasteful pop-up presenting people with a valuable offer, such as a free subscription to a newsletter or a coupon, can still generate a high click-through rate — especially when it’s placed on a page with relevant content.

Of course, pop-up blockers are becoming more common, and that can be a problem. But there are new technogies available that allow you to create ads that look like pop-ups, even though they’re actually built into the HTML coding of the web page itself. We use Hover Ad Creator — and when we switched over to using it, we saw a 162% boost in our sales — in less than 24 hours!

As I have made available this invaluable information to everyone free of cost, visit our website [$0.75/month & Get Un-Limit Movies, MP3 Songs, Games, TV Shows on your PC!] Industry Lowest Price! Unbeatable Website Hosting Features!

Final thoughts

When you’re exploring your advertising options, you may be tempted by “short-cut” strategies offered by companies that are often more interested in your money than in helping you get the word out about your site. These sites typically offer so-called “targeted traffic” or “targeted e-mail lists” for sale, and will try to convince you that they’re offering quality traffic. More often than not however, they can provide only general traffic — people who have no particular interest in your product or service.
The best way to discover which paid advertising techniques work best for your company is to test, test, and test again. There’s going to be some trial and error involved. You may lose a little money on the “errors” — but once you discover the techniques that lure scores of visitors to your site, you’ll find that all your testing was worth it.
As we always say, test small so that you can fail small… then, once you’ve determined which advertising brings you the best return on investment, roll out your campaign in full — and succeed BIG!

Even More Tips For Getting A Top 10 Search Engine Ranking!

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

I have spent some time discussing the 5 different options you have for getting your web site listed in the search engines. Just to make sure that we’re all on the same page, let’s quickly review…

1. Use A Free Submission Service: As you’ll recall, I do NOT recommend that you use a free submission service because they submit the exact same information to all of the search engines, destroying your chances of ever getting that top ranking position you deserve.

Each search engine has a different rule book (a different set of “algorithms”) that it uses to evaluate your web site - so submitting the SAME information to all of the search engines is pointless!

2. Use A Low-Cost Automated Submission Service: The only real difference between the low-cost automated submission services and the free submission services is that the low-cost ones will charge you about $40 to $80 to submit the same information to all of the search engines. Like I’ve already said, this is pointless! While your site may get submitted to as many as 900+ search engines, you’ll be lucky if it appears in the top 100 listings, never mind the top 10!

3. Do It Yourself Manually: If you have the time and the patience, this is one of the best ways to submit your web site to the search engines. You study the rules of each search engine and then visit each one individually to manually submit the information for each page you wish to have listed.

Obviously, the two drawbacks to this strategy are that it can be a lot of work and there are no professionals looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing everything right. But if you have the time, it can be a good option.

4. Use A Professional Search Engine Consultant: The advantages of using a professional are obvious - you get the advice and assistance of experts who work hand-in-hand with you to make sure you get the top ranking position your web site needs. But the drawback to this strategy is equally obvious - the cost can be pretty high.

5. Use Submission Software: If you’re going to use software to submit your web site to the search engines, then I can’t stress enough the importance of making sure that it will prepare an individual submission form for each search engine you will be submitting to. Most of the software out there does the same thing the free submission services do, so it’s useless. The ONLY submission software that I recommend is SubmitWolf Pro.

Now this is why the e-mail started pouring in…..

It seems that many of you had questions about whether or not the SubmitWolf Pro software submits your web site to the directories (i.e. Yahoo! and Looksmart)… some of you were skeptical about whether or not search engine submission software could actually get you a top ranking position when it does everything automatically… and MANY of you wrote to ask why we didn’t mention another highly regarded software, WebPosition Gold.

Knowing that for every person who e-mails me with questions like these, there are hundreds more of you who are silently wondering the same thing, I’ve decided to do two things in this article. First I want to clear up any confusion by answering your questions.

I know the sheer volume of information about search engines can be pretty overwhelming. So I’m going to do my best to condense things down into this one short, understandable article!

Know If Your Web Site Is Slipping In Rank - And If Your Competition
Is Sneaking Up From Behind…..

Make no mistake, submitting your web site to the search engines is only half the battle! Next, you’ll need to turn your attention to monitoring and maintaining your position. You need to ensure that your competition doesn’t outrank you and that your site doesn’t begin slipping down the ranks! And this is where software like WebPosition Gold can come in really handy…

Monitoring your ranking in the top 10 search engines - for each page you’ve submitted and for each keyword you’ve submitted under - is almost impossible if you’re trying to do it all by yourself.

Let me explain by visually doing the math for you. This should help make things a bit clearer…

**Let’s say that you’re marketing 2 products.
**And let’s say that you want to maximize and monitor your ranking in the top 10 search engines.
**For each product, you have a list of 15 keywords and phrases you want to be listed under.

So this means that you have:

2 products X 15 keywords for each product X 10 search engines = 300 positions to monitor!

Yipe! Who has time to check 300 positions? I know I sure don’t! This would take days of effort, and you haven’t even done checks on where your competitors rank yet! But if you want the search engine traffic, you need to stay on top of your rankings and you need to know when your competition has outranked you so that you can take corrective action!

Really, the only solution to this is automation. And that’s what I highly recommend you use WebPosition Gold for.

WebPosition Gold will ensure that you don’t neglect your search engine positioning… and that you don’t lose this important source of traffic! It automatically generates reports that will show you exactly where your web site ranks in each search engine under specific keywords, keyword combinations, and search phrases, so you can make improvements, correct problems, and increase your web site’s traffic.

Plus, it can save you hours of work every week by monitoring where your competitors are ranked in relation to you, alerting you of any problems.

If one of your web pages has been gradually slipping down the rankings, you can quickly identify the problem and correct it. Without WebPosition Gold’s powerful reports, you have no way of knowing a problem even exists… until your site traffic slows down and you start losing sales, that is!

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Final Thoughts:

Look. If you are really serious about search engine positioning, then you should know that, together, SubmitWolf Pro and WebPosition Gold make a killer team that can dramatically increase your ranking. I highly recommend this software duo to anyone who wants to funnel traffic to their web site via the search engines.

It would be impossible for you to manually do the crucial marketing tasks that WebPosition Gold and SubmitWolf Pro do automatically - it would just take you far too long to be cost effective.

Sure you might be able to manually submit your web site to a handful of search engines? But 150? And give each one exactly what it needs? Plus, there’s no way you’ll convince me that you have time to monitor and maintain hundreds of different rankings and pages and still run a profitable business.

You know me and how strongly I believe in automating everything - leaving you free to grow your business and look after more profitable promotions. I don’t want you to get caught in the trap of running your business when you could be growing it!

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