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10 Adsense Tips for Maximum Click Through Rates.

Monday, July 17th, 2006

2) Text ads are better than image ads. Like before, people are more responsive to text than images. In a way it is considered as a part of the online document and is more clickable.

3) No Border ads. One of the best tricks is to erase the borders of Adsense ads and make them again having the same color with your website’s background.

4) No other advertisements. The first reason is to be legitimate according to Google’s Rules and the second more practical reason is that you do not want to distract your visitor’s attention and go somewhere else without clicking your Adsense ads.

5) Placement. Even if you have the best Ad, people will not respond if they don’t see it instantly. The best place to see the ad is the top of your web page and the next is aside
your document’s text. Visitors will click it more frequently since it will look like your text.

6) Traffic. Try to use legitimate ways of traffic. Some people use Google Adwords and other Pay per Click search engines. The problem here is to search very carefully for the right niche and keywords in order to make your campaigns profitable. Other ways is link popularity techniques like link exchange directories, software or even mass blog submission techniques. Don’t use link farms and classifieds for that, because search engine’s algorithms are extremely clever and they will ban your listings.

7) Do not rely on one website. Yes you can make money with one website but try to make as more as possible.

8) Relevant content is King. Articles are one of the best tactics to create huge websites that will be crawled by search engine’s robots. Don’t forget search engines exist to provide relevant content at first. One excellent resource to automate your article directory procedure is .You can create an article database in minutes which otherwise is time consuming and it would take you a week!

9) Use site maps. Google’s site maps visit your site and crawl it much sooner that any other submission process. More information is here:

10) Relevant ads. It’s one of the most important factors for Adsense success. If the internet user can’t find relevant ad in your page he or she won’t click the ad. Would you act differently? So it’s critical to create relevant resource for your web page. In order to do that, you must do the following steps.

First the file must be saved with the appropriate name for example: Golf-Secrets.html if your article is about golf. So the webpage will be:

Second thing you must change is your title tag. For example:
Title Golf-Secrets article title

Third is the heading. The first sentence must have this heading:
12 Golf secrets

5 Handy Dandy Ways to Promote Your Website Without Blowing Your Budget

Sunday, June 18th, 2006

time and a lot of ingenuity.

Here are 5 clever and cost effective ways you can boost your visitor counts and your hopefully your bank accounts!

1.Cross Promoting Can Increases Profits.

This is how it’s done. Find other businesses that have the same target market, but that are not direct competitors. Then propose a partnership. There are many ways to find prospective partners.

Subscribe to ezines, join discussion groups, forums and newsgroups that share your target market.You can also search in search engines and directories to find
businesses that target your market.

Let your contact list and subscribers know that you are interested in cross promoting your products and services Post it on your Web site. Don’t be shy!

There are many benefits to cross promoting. You will save money on advertising and marketing costs. It can save you time, work, help you get new referrals, customers plus access to new products and services.

2. Linking with a Twist.

It is important to get other sites to link to yours. It increases your popularity even your rankings. You can put a links page on your site but getting people to link to you with out some incentive is a different story. But if you add this little twist your sure to get the links.

Create a directory of websites on a specific topic. Give people the option of adding the directory to their web site by linking to it. Put your business
advertisement at the top of the directory.
This technique will give people a reason to link to your site by giving them added content for their visitors and it will get you free advertising.

3. Autoresponders Work Wonders.

Aweber and Get Response do this all the time. You get a free auto-responder they get to put their ad inside. So instead of just swapping ads trade auto-responder
ads with other businesses. If both of you send out information with auto-responders just exchange a small classified ad to put at the bottom or top of each other’s auto-responder message. This would work great with email courses too.

4 We all Need Good Content.

You need fresh content for your ezine or website why not exchange content with other web sites and newsletters. You could swap articles, tips, ect. You both include
a resource box or a link at the end of the content. And both of you get more exposure.

5. Everyone Loves a Hot Tip.

So share yours daily, weekly whenever you can. You can offer them in a newsletter on a tip sheet or record them on your voice mail. Try you can get a free voice mail account to get you going.

You can even have your tips syndicated. Try or Just imagine your insightful information spreading all over the web!

Try to keep the tips relevant to your business. Include a link to your web site or business in the mix and you have got it made.

The whole idea is to promote your business without blowing your budget. These simple ideas are just the start. Take then, improve on them add your own special twist.
The possibilities are endless! Now the only thing you need to do is go find partners. I’m always looking. :)

After the best assistance pertaining to antique furniture.

Sunday, June 11th, 2006

Often when you are looking for top information about antique furniture, it will be tricky separating superior information from foolish antique furniture suggestions and directions so it’s prudent to know how to judge the information you are presented with.

Find antique furniture
Your relevant result is a click away!

Here’s several guidelines which we think you should use when you’re searching for information regarding antique furniture. You need to understand that the wisdom we’re offering you is only pertinent to internet based information concerning antique furniture. We cannot offer any advice or guidance if you are receiving information offline.

Look for antique furniture
Find antique furniture at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!

A good pointer to follow when you’re presented with help or advice concerning a antique furniture web would be to confirm the sites ownership. This may show you the people behind the site antique furniture credentials The quickest way to work out who owns the antique furniture website is to look on the ‘about’ page or ‘contact’ page.

Any reputable site providing information concerning antique furniture, will always have contact information which will provide you with the owner’s details. The details should divulge a number of key indications regarding the owner’s proficency and credentials. You can then decide for yourself about the webmaster’s training and understanding, to give recommendations about antique furniture.

5 Totally Easy Ways to Attract Hungry Buyers

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

2. Offer something that is really free. You can entice people to link to your web site by giving them something free in return. This’ll increase your ranking in some search engines. But remember if people go to your site and what you said was free really isn’t, you’ll lose their trust and they won’t buy anything.

3. Trigger your reader’s emotions in your ad copy. Example, if you sell a book on gambling tips, tell them the feelings they’ll get when they win money. Ask people questions in your ad copy that make them think about their problems. For example: Do you want to be free of your debts? Magnify the size of your prospects problem in your ad; show how your product can solve it. The bigger the problem, the more sales you’ll have.

4. Give visitors a positive experience when they’re at your web site. Provide them with original content and solid information. Link to web sites that provide useful information or services for your visitors. If you have many useful links on your site, they may make it their start page. Join affiliate programs that go with the theme of your web site. You’ll just be wasting valuable space and time if your visitors aren’t interested in the programs you are promoting.

5. Make sure your site looks good in all browsers. You could be losing sales because it looks distorted in some web browsers.You can do this by using the free tools at or There are many other tools available just do a search for browser compatibility check in your favorite browser. It’s also a good idea to check your web site links regularly. Because after people click on one link, and it doesn’t work, they usually won’t risk wasting their time clicking on another one.

If you do your best to give visitors a positive experience when they’re at your web site by providing them with great original content, exceptional products and services. They’ll be sure to whip out their wallets and tell all of their friends about you.

5 Ways to Promote Affiliate Programs

Thursday, June 1st, 2006

So what should you do to promote your affiliate programs? Here are five methods which have succeeded for millions and can succeed for you, if you choose to follow the same steps as those millions before you!

#1 Create your own marketing affiliate program materials.

Many people use the marketing materials provided by the program they signed up for. Guess what? Thousands of people are using those same materials, those same ready-made websites and those same advertisements. People are easily bored and those ads get old really, really fast. Create something brand new and all your own!

* Create your own promotional website instead of using a stale, pre- packaged website. This is not very expensive and the returns can be huge!

* Create your own brochures and pamphlets. Whether using email or mailing materials to prospects in the old-fashioned way, be sure your material is fresh and new.

* Create compelling business cards. The business cards you hand out to contacts that you network with should also be fresh, new, and cause the person reading the card to feel compelled to contact you. A simple byline such as “Information on Becoming an Overnight Success” can be all it takes to make that person call you for more information.

* Write original articles and submit for publication to ezines for exposure of your fresh material.

#2 Generate Leads from an Opt-In Email List

Sure, you can buy names from email lists, but are those people even interested in the type of product you have to offer? Probably not! Create an opt-in mailing list by allowing prospects who come to your website to choose to receive a free newsletter. This gives you the opportunity to include information in the newsletter about your products. Why is this the best way?

* Allows contact with people who have at least some interest in the product you are promoting on your website

* Generates mailing list for future products you may promote

* Saves tons of money compared to buying mailing lists!

After all, think of all those flyers that come in the newspaper. What do you do with them? If you are like most people, you throw them away because they don’t pertain to you. If all the flyers in your newspaper were placed there because you, personally, had expressed interest in them, you probably would read them all! This is the difference between random mailing and mailing to prospects that share an interest in your product type!

#3 Network, Network, Network

Never miss an opportunity to network with others who may have an interest in your products, or even be interested in joining the affiliate program under you.

* Share your own success story with others you encounter. Many will be interested in joining you in your endeavor.

* Offer to mentor new prospects to ensure their success.

* Exchange business cards and make follow-up calls to encourage them to talk with you further about your programs.

#4 Use Blogs to Promote Your Programs.

In the past year, blogs have become extremely popular. You can use this forum to your advantage in promoting your affiliate marketing programs.

* Generate top-quality content to place on the blogs.

* Be sure that the blogs you choose are not over saturated by affiliate marketers already. Locate fresh blogs to use in your promotions.

* Content should compel the reader to action. Make them HAVE to check out your program.

#5 Use banner exchanges to your advantage.

Most marketers know that banner exchanges can help them promote their products, but there are a few tricks to success.

* Make sure your banner is placed on sites that will attract the same client base that will desire you product.

* Create attractive and compelling banner content. Plain-Jane banner ads won’t attract, those that send acompelling message to act will!

* Always look for new places for your banner to appear. Don’t become complacent because you have three or four sites showing your banner. There are new websites every single day!

These five tips will help you successfully promote your affiliate programs. There are many other ways to promote products, but these are proven to work for people who dedicate themselves to ensuring their programs get the necessary exposure to succeed.

Adding Fresh Content to Your Existing Ebook

Tuesday, May 9th, 2006

©-by Brian Holte

Ok, so you’re at that stage where you’ve gotten just enough
content to publish your first e-book, finally the grunt work is
out of the way.

Sit back and pat yourself on the shoulder for a job well done.

Next task on the list?

How to add fresh content to your already existing e-book, I
personally find it much easier to add to an already existing
e-book then to create an e-book!

But one does not shine without the other.

Can you think of any “sub-niche” market your target audience
would like more information about, something that would
definitely grab their attention and add:

•Punch to your e-book.
•Increased interest for your e-book
but even more importantly…
•Increased sales of your ebook
•Add a “higher perception value” to your already existing ebook

How do you go about finding that all elusive nugget?

Always turn to your target market for the best ideas on which
“sub-niche market’s” to explore next, not what you think they
might be interested in but what they are buying and recommending
to others.


A few months ago I created an e-book related to a certain breed
of dog. I made it through the grunt work and now simply add to
the e-book one step at a time, one product review or interview at
a time.

I ended up picking (by reading what the most used products or
most wanted products by this particular target market were) a
pedigree software program for a back end sales product. This
pedigree software program helps owners of animals keep all the
details they could ever want to track in a database about their

What owner wouldn’t want to know about a software program that
could help make tracking certain details of their pets easy and

So I simply contacted the owner of this particular software
program, told him that I was interested in including information
about his product in the e-book I had created. He knew it was a
win/win situation and gladly agreed to answer a couple of
questions regarding how his software worked and what benefit it
could bring to the reader.

The end result, more content for the e-book with only a few
minutes of work involved on my part plus the possibilities of
making commission from the back end sales of the pedigree
software which sells for $95.00 U.S., which I get a nice chunk of
every time someone clicks on my link and makes a purchase.

So you see, it’s not that hard to add fresh content to your

With the right angle, you can make your e-book unique from your
competitors, more informative to the reader, putting more money
in your pocket.


Expanding an already existing e-book is simply a matter of
reading what products your target market purchases, analyzing
their wants and needs, focusing on one “sub-niche market” at a

Articles to Directories in the Newbie World

Monday, May 1st, 2006

I was further aware that one route that I had to go was to write articles, a daunting task for a newbie. Even more of a problem was the means of getting the article to the numerous article directories, groups, and ezines that populate the web.

I appreciated that there were three possible distribution routes. I could submit my article to an article distributor who would send out my article to their selected directories. An alternative would be to do it myself, accessing each of the directories, cutting and pasting into the numerous input fields, having subscribed to each prior to submission. I discounted this method because of the time involved.

A third possibility would be to use available software to speed up the latter process. Unsure of the best route, I decided that I would write two articles, one for each process, and measure the results. The purpose of this article is to share the results with you and the conclusion I reached..

My first article was a review of the software that I had used to create that first site, and entitled “Dreamweaver too complicated?, Go Live and Frontpage too steep a learning curve?” I decided that I would use one of the professional article distribution services for my first effort and looked at available agents. I selected one, paid my quarterly fee of $39.95, which allowed me an unlimited number of submissions for three months. I searched, today, for the title, using the “exact phrase” box of Google’s “Advanced Search” and found only 15 matches, which is way below my expectations.

My second article, “The Newbie World of Affiliate programs” followed shortly afterwards. Having spent the last twenty years with software houses, the last ten being with the world’s largest database company, I am aware that I can sometimes be over- critical about a product. To distribute this second attempt, I selected a software program selling around $150, and offering a three day free trial. I downloaded, and examined the submission sites, finding some of them obscure, and others where the software did not submit at all. There were103 web sites, 9 needing a logon, and 23 email sites. Again, at the time of writing an “exact phrase” Google search yields 4 matches.

At this stage I started to think that it was my ability as a first-time author that was in question.

Far from happy, and having wasted a good many hours, I paused to take stock of the situation. I didn’t like the software I could find, I thought that the article submission services were too expensive and I did not want to do it manually. The answer must be to design my own.

The prototype submits to 220 sites. I have excluded specialist directories and, therefore, all will accept articles on a wide variety of subjects. The software logs on automatically, fills in every field on the submission form, including the category, and presents me with the filled-in web form.. All I have to do is scan, then press the “submit” button. It takes around 10 seconds for one article to be sent to one site, most of that time being the directory response time. At 6 submissions per minute, with concentrated effort, it takes around 35 minutes to submit to all 220 directories. Whilst I could make the procedure completely automatic, without the need for me to do anything, I still value the peace of mind that the quick scan provides.

Six days ago, I wrote my third ever article, and submitted it using my system. The title of the article is “My Mistakes as a Web Design Newbie”. Again, going to Google’s “Advanced Search,” and entering the title in the “exact phrase” box, at the time of writing, the results show 34,300 entries.

My next stage will be to add around 150 email submission sites, and then a further 100 non-specialized directory sites.

Being Part Of Groups

Saturday, April 15th, 2006

There are many different ways to have fun and socialize on the internet. One of the most fulfilling things that you can do is join one of the many social groups that exist.

What is an internet social group? These are a whole bunch of people who share their experiences, thoughts and beliefs over the internet. Usually they are united by a common theme or cause (or many causes). Sometimes these themes are as simple as "friendship" or "internet addiction", but they can also be united by a desire to recruit Christians, deliver a message or protest a wrong.

Some examples of groups are Random Acts Of Kindness, Misker’s Denizens, Garden of Friendship and Hearts Of Gold. Other groups include Kindred Spirits, Inner Dreams, Web Addicts, Net Dudes and so on.

Generally, a group is started by one or a small group of "founders". The founders lay out the rules and create a basic website, then recruit charter members, who then recruit additional members. Ideally, what you wind up with is a focused, motivated group who performs the duties and tasks required for group membership.

Being part of an internet social group means more than just putting a link or webring fragment on a web site. It means more than joining an Egroup list and reading the messages that people send. And it certainly means more than a nice looking graphics.

Each group has a set of bylaws (rules and regulations) and most have a creed, which is the mission statement describing what the group is supposed to accomplish. For example, Random Acts Of Kindness exists to do exactly what the name implies: deliver acts of kindness to people. This could consist of guestbook signings, articles, giving stationary or gifts, or any number of other small, thoughtful things to do.

Usually a group has committees and you have the option of joining one or more. Being in a committee has more responsibilities than just being a member. For example, if you are on the Welcoming Committee, you will be expected to sign new members guestbooks with welcome messages, or if you are on the newsletter committee you will be writing articles and contributing materials.

The main point of all of this is to get people to be active in one way or another to the group. It’s fine and dandy to have a thousand members, but if only ten of them are actually doing anything … it’s really not a very useful thing.

Presumably you join a group for a reason. Perhaps you like the people, you want someone to communicate with or you like signing guestbooks. Perhaps you want to contribute to the causes that the group supports.

Well, then please contribute. This is actually very important to the survival of a group. People need to put in effort. They will find that effort magnified many times. That’s the beauty of these groups! If everyone does just a little bit every day or once a week or whatever, then it’s magnified by the number of people in the group. You get each person in a hundred member group to sign one guestbook per day randomly, that’s 100 guestbooks per day, or over 36,500 per year! That’s a lot of guestbooks!

That’s the idea. Figure out how you can contribute, then do so. Personally, I’ve joined half a dozen of these groups. I write an article a day and send it to each of them. Why? Because I can help a number of people that I like with their common internet questions and concerns. I can contribute in a very positive way.

Other people choose to contribute differently. Let’s say you are on the graphics committee, then contribute a couple of graphics a week at least. On the welcoming committee? Sign a dozen guestbooks each Saturday. Just a plain old member and not on any committees? Then pick something that the group needs, perhaps a different thing each week, and contribute it.

Don’t have the time to do anything? Then I have a tough question for you - why are you a member of the group? I mean, why join something that you don’t want to give anything to? Take a look at it - even if you can only do ten minutes of something per week - you can at least sign a guestbook or two. Just visit one site of a group member per week, look it over, and sign their guestbook with a short, nice comment. That alone will help brighten someone’s day!

Building A Profitable Network Marketing Business

Thursday, April 6th, 2006

All businesses great and small require an initial period of disciplined work. There is no such thing as “making 1000’s in a few days with no work. Yes, as a home based business person you can “make money in your pajamas,” if you wish, but even if you do not get dressed, you still have to discipline yourself to a certain amount of work for your business, on a regular basis. Network marketing is no exception.

Always remember that network marketing is a team business. In order to make money in this field you must be prepared to work closely with your team members. Welcome them to the team, introduce yourself as their upline and offer help if they need it. Some of your team members will respond, others will not, work with the ones who do respond. These are your potentially strong members and are the lifeblood of your business. Try to build relationships with these members by offering help and discussing marketing techniques. Remember the team concept, your downline’s success is your success, you will all profit together. If something has been successful with you share, and encourage your team members to share their successes with their downline. In this way you will spread success to all members and build a strong active team, who are continually adding dedicated people to the team. Here are some points to start and build your profitable network marketing business.

Choose a good program that is not too expensive and has good products, that will be useful to you and your members. Take time to do all the research you can before you invest your money. Remember you will be investing your hard earned money and time into this project and will be encouraging others to do so. In order to promote something you must believe in it 100% with no reservations. Your marketing will then come over well and be more successful.

Before you join give careful thought how you will market. A common mistake of newcomers to network marketing is joining programs and not preparing themselves for how they will market the program. Make sure that the program can be marketed to a reasonably wide and accessible market. This will allow you to tap into good sized areas of prospects with relative ease.

Build your team on the “power of 3″ basis. Let me explain: Market to a targeted section of people until you have 3 determined team members, serious and willing to work with you. They will be the foundation of your strong and profitable team. Train these 3 and share with them all the successful methods of marketing that you have used. Encourage and help them to get 3 good active members and train them in the same way. Those 3 members will train 3 members themselves and your team will grow to be a powerful profitable business for you all.

As you grow your first team find another, if possible related program and build your team the same way. Some of your team members may like to join a second program with you, if they like your leadership but never try to pressure them into it. Just make a suggestion and let them decide. You can build a third and possibly a forth program with these techniques. This should be enough to give you and your teams a nice monthly income. After your initial work you will only have to do a few hours of work a week to maintain your teams and advertise on a regular basis.

A few marketing techniques that do well for network marketing are:

Ezine Advertising: Keep careful track of these ads and see which do well and what has flopped. Target Home Business Opportunity ezines and newsletters. When you get enough money together try offline Home Opp magizines.

Distribute info articles on network marketing, draw attention to your affiliate link in the Bio box or draw prospects to your theme website, with all your opportunities “under one roof.”

The usual website promotions like Search Engines Pay-Per-Clicks and Linking will work to bring interested prospects to your site.

Google Adwords can be used for affiliate sites if you do not want to build your own website.

You can buy leads but be very careful of the quality and age of these leads. You can waste a lot of money with this method of prospecting.

These are just a few points that can help you build a successful Network Marketing business. The golden rules to remember are, never join a program that you have not found a way to market and always work with your team members. together you will all build a profitable network marketing business and gain true financial freedom.

eMergent Marketing- Website Conversion, Usability & SEO

Saturday, February 18th, 2006

eMergent Marketing represents a whole new way of thinking about Internet marketing and eCommerce strategy. It’s no longer good enough to just focus on driving Web site traffic. With growing competition and increasingly savvy online consumers, it has become critically important to attract the right site visitors in the most cost-effective manner. By offering a more complete service than most traditional search engine optimization (SEO) firms, eMergent Marketing delivers more value to its clients by leveraging the in-house usability expertise as part of the search engine optimization and search engine marketing processes.

The eMarketing experts at eMergent Marketing have been studying and practicing search engine optimization since the late 1990’s. Their proven optimization methodology has helped countless companies improve their search engine visibility in the natural search engine listings and attract potential customers to their sites.

While eMergent Marketing continues to experience rapid growth, they remain focused on providing the highest levels of customer service and communications. According to Paul Elliott, President of eMergent Marketing, “The search engine optimization industry has historically been plagued by unethical providers and those who simply do not understand the complexities of search marketing. At eMergent Marketing, we go the extra mile to ensure our optimization clients know exactly what we are doing, when we are doing it, and the results our services will produce. While no ethical search engine optimization firm can guarantee first place rankings, eMergent Marketing has achieved outstanding results for all of our organic optimization clients – a fact our clients will be happy to share with you.”

If you are currently looking for an SEO company that provides leading edge results and customer service, eMergent Marketing is the logical choice. Their combination of experienced Internet marketing professionals with Web site usability and conversion experts creates the new standard for the Web marketing industry. Contact eMergent Marketing today to learn more about the Search and Conversion Methodology for improving the return on investment (ROI) from your site.

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